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Temecula, California

Dr Travelbest Guide to Temecula, CA In this episode: The FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel? The destination is Temecula, CA The mistake is Choosing snorkeling over scuba in the Great Barrier Reef. The tip is to define your life in independent travel The FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel? Answer: Hodophobia is the fear of travel. This is real for many people. Not just women, but mostly. It is more than just anxiety, and can cause shaking, crying, nausea, headaches, and sweating. Here are four Tips for Coping with a Fear of Traveling Consult with a professional in mental health if you have a phobia of any kind. Some have found that there are other ways if mild symptoms occur. Set you own researched expectations : Use what you learn on the Internet for information. The more you research, your stress will be reduced and hodophobia left behind. Visualize : Imagine yourself negotiating

Reno, Nevada

 Reno Nevada: Dr Mary Travelbest FAQ How can I Take care better care of our Planet as I travel? Answer: Sustainable travel is for you, and for me. When you go somewhere, be sure to leave it as you found it. Take only memories from nature. Leave only footprints. Sierra Club has taught me well, as has Triple A. Here are some answers: Eat local Take shorter trips closer to home Travel on public transportation Pack smart Travel slow Fewer flight connections Today’s Independent Destination- Reno, NV Travel with me on Hwy 15 heading home after a week in the Eastern Sierras, including Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, and Sparks. If your family is looking for a Western vacation, away from Big Sur, and close to inexpensive family travel destinations, Reno and the Eastern Sierras may be your best bet. Today’s Mistake- Food Poisoning There’s nothing like being sick that can ruin a trip. I ate Udom with shrimp in the 1221 Restaurant in

Lake Tahoe

Show Notes for Lake Tahoe with Dr Mary Travelbest In this episode: The FAQ is about CLEAR FAQ: What is CLEAR? I’ve seen it in the airports and it looks like a good way to skip the line? When would I want to use that? Answer: Clear is the fastest way to get through a select number of airports, right now about 30, but can also be used in concerts and other venues in the future. Identity screening and security clearance are the two reasons for this service, which uses retina scans to identify you.   The current cost is $179 per year per person, but there are some other pricing features, such as bringing your children along with you, and that depends on their ages. Is it better than TSA PreCheck? For some people, yes, but for others, the choice is TSA. That is not as fast, and costs less, about $20 a year.

Iowa City, Iowa

Show Notes Iowa City, Iowa In this episode: The FAQ is : I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places? The destination is Iowa City, Iowa, the mistake is switching credit cards in a restaurant: and the tip is Get a Globe. FAQ: is from Linda who asks, I love to travel, but during this time of uncertainty, I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places? Answer: Linda, the best way to save money on travel expenses is to share a room with someone else. That does not always work well for independent travelers so here are a few other tips to save your hard-earned cash. House swap Bring a meal with you Travel public transportation Plan so you don’t need to push for time limits Work on the road, such as on a dude ranch, cruise ship, traveling nurse or tutor. Bring your work wit

Nashville, Tennesee

 Nashville, Tennessee Show Notes In this episode: The FAQ is one of our group with second thoughts about overseas travel. The destination is Nashville, the mistake is packing a glass bottle in my suitcase and the tip is: Minimalist Travel. Today’s Independent Destination- Nashville, Tennessee My first trip to Nashville was just a quick stop when in high school, on the way to Florida. I don’t remember much at all. But in 2020, I decided to take the plunge and see it again. This was March, right after they had some terrible storms, and right before the USA was closed for the corona. Someday soon, you’ll be thinking about visiting there, so here are a few of my thoughts about seeing Music City for yourself. I found it a great walking city, especially because there was not a lot of public transportation. I think you’ll like visiting for two to three days. If you like music, there’s nothing like walking up and down the downtown Honky Tonk places, all with free entertainm

Los Gatos, CA

Dr Mary Travelbest Guide to Independent Travel:   Los Gatos, CA In this episode:   The FAQ is how to you do find your way to your hostel or accommodations? The destination is Los Gatos, CA.   My mistake is a dead car battery. The travel tip is creating a defining trip in your life if you can. Where will yours be? FAQ: This comes from Raina. She asks: if you have traveled a few months or more (or less it doesn’t matter) to different places taking trains and buses and planes, how do you begin to know where to go when you find your way to your hostel or room? Do you just set out and start walking and exploring? Answer: This can be a challenge when you are on your own, if you are not an experienced traveler, especially if you are staying in a new city. The first thing is to have a map, directions and a contact phone number. Use your smart phone map to guide you. Ask if you need help, even if you are in a foreign country, you can show them the map and they can assist you.

Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

Zion and Bryce Canyon, a Independent Travel Trip In this episode: The FAQ is: What is Independent Travel? The Destinations are Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Utah. The mistake is booking round trip tickets automatically, and the travel tip is a quote from a known independent traveler. What is independent travel? There are three kinds of independent travel. First, Independent (not with a tour guide), Second, semi-independent (on a cruise or excursion) and Third is solo. The last one is truly on your own, just you on the road. This podcast and book is focused on any of these three options for independent travel. Get power over your life and build your confidence with your travel. Destinations: Zion and Bryce Canyons, Utah, USA A special Independent trip-independent of a tour or guide

Travel Independent Spectrum Level 1

This episode discusses the Travel Independent Spectrum, starting with level 1. Dr Mary Travelbest answers you question about best ways to rent a car. She also talks about her mistakes at the passport renewal service. She gives travel tips for using online travel agencies. Check out this travel for women episode!

Best Travel Books for Women

This feature lists the Best Travelbooks by women for women. The FAQ is part 2 of airline travel during the pandemic and what you can do to be safer. I also share my mistake and a travel tip for you. Happy travels, even if it's nearby. Check out this travel for women episode!

The 7 Best Travel Books List for Women Travelers

Show Notes: The 7 Best Travel Books List for Women Travelers In this episode: The FAQ is about airplane travel and how to stay protected, part 2, The Best Travel Books for Women is the feature and the mistake is an empty toll booth that cost a bundle, and finally Dr Mary Travelbest’s quick tips on keeping track of your travels. FAQ: Part 2 of How can I prepare for an airplane flight so I am more protected and safe from the virus? Today’s Special Episode is: The Best 7 Travelbooks List for Women Travelers 1.                   Women into the Unknown , A sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers by Marion Tinling    This is a series of 42 short stories about exploration and challenges in travel, solo or with another person, written by female explorers by a female. These are from the 19th and 20th centuries which is excellent for his