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Travel Clubs for Women

In this episode: FAQ is : How do I choose a travel company?. Today’s Special Edition is on Travel Clubs. Learn more about them here and wait for Dr Mary Travelbest's new club starting soon. Today’s Mistake- A friend was robbed in Milan, Italy Travel Advice:  Make friends with new strangers with delight and care Some travel clubs listed below:  Look for Dr Travelbest's Club in 2022 Inspirato Manifest The Vines Surf Air American Airlines AirPass Program United Airlines Well Traveled BeRightBack Harvest Hosts Selina Banyan Tree Group’s Hait Program, The Freehand Club Scotts Cheap Flights Connect with Dr Travelbest Website Mary Beth on Twitter Dr. Mary Travelbest Twitter   Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Page Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Group Dr. Mary Travelbest Instagram Check out this episode!

Amish Country Travel

Dr Travelbest helps women travel solo. Do you want to travel more? In this episode: FAQ is: Many of the travelbest groups ask me this question. I will address it here. What’s the difference between solo and independent travel? Today’s Destination is: Amish Country Today’s Mistake- The top mistakes most travelers report. Travel Advice:  If you haven’t already, get your Covid booster shot. Check out this episode!