Fairbanks, Alaska

Dr Travelbest helps women travel independently. The FAQ is:  How do I apply for a travel document? The destination is: Fairbanks, Alaska. The lesson learned is even in Alaska, you can sweat a lot. The travel tip is to try a new kind of travel. Check out this episode!

Climate Change and Travel

The FAQ is: You asked, how can I become a more sustainable independent traveler? The special episode is about Climate Change and Independent Travel. The lesson learned is not to drive a gas hog. The tip is on starting with small steps and habits that are sustainable. Check out this episode!

Finding Your Ancestry

FAQ is How can I learn a new language, quickly? The Special Episode is about Finding your ancestry through travel. The lesson learned is poor planning for my travel. The travel tip is Visit a bookstore’s travel section. Check out this episode!


FAQ is Why do I pay a duty on goods that I purchase? Can you explain that to me? The destination is Tahiti The lesson learned is broken fingernails. and the tip is watch out for snakes. Check out this episode!

New York City (part 2)

I want to help women like you travel best. This is Dr Travelbest. In this episode: The FAQ is : What good are frequent flyer miles? The destination is New York City Part 2 and the lesson learned is don’t run out of water and the travel tip is Pack a small bag for “in flight”. Please review and rate. Check out this episode!

New York City (Part 1)

In this episode: The FAQ is : How do I ride the subway? The destination is New York City (Part 1) The lesson learned is: eating Hot Spicy Foods. The tip is: Give wildlife their space, too. Check out this episode!

Special Episode: Reunion Travel

In this episode: The FAQ is: Why is starting a trip sometimes so hard? Special episode is Reunions for Independent Travelers. The mistake is: Forgetting something important in transit. The tip is: The Journey is a trip in itself. Check out this episode!