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Space Coast, Florida

Do you want to travel independently? The FAQ is: How can I keep my car cool when it’s parked? Today’s Destination is: Space Coast, Florida Today’s Mistake: Tar on my skin from swimming Travel Advice:  Call ahead if you have limited mobility. Check out this episode!

Madrid, Spain

Do you want to travel independently? Are you a woman? In this episode:  The FAQ is When I arrive in a new city, should I take one of those busses to show me the famous places or not? The destination is Madrid Spain and Today’s Lesson Learned-Spending too much time making reservations and the Travel Advice-Don’t run out of gas. Check out this episode!

Beaches of California (Part 5)

This is Dr Travelbest, where women can enjoy independent travel more. Can you explain why sulfur from hot springs is good for your skin? You asked me about the rotten egg smell. Episode special edition is on California Beaches from Los Angeles and Malibu (part 5) Today’s Lessons Learned- Soaked shoes and sneakers. Today’s travel Advice: Fly nonstop whenever possible.  #womentravel Check out this episode! Caption: Malibu Beach, CA Show Notes Special Episode on California Beaches Los Angeles to Malibu (Part 5) Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Independent Travel Guide. This is for those who travel, who want to travel, and especially for those who want to travel independently. I’ve been traveling independently since 1972 and soon to release a second guidebook on the Independent Travel Spectrum. Please share this podcast with your parents, loved ones and future travelers, so you make their trips the very best, like Travel-best! In this episode: The FAQ. Can you explain why sulfur from

Beaches of Oahu, Hawaii

Dr Mary Travelbest helps women with the Independent Travel Spectrum for guiding your levels of travel by experience. In this episode:   The FAQ is  "How do I filter my drinking water? I want to be sure that I drink clean water when traveling remote." Today’s Destination is: Beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Today’s Mistake- Losing a High School Ring. Travel Advice- Scorpions:  Be aware in hot weather. Check out this episode!