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RIP Dean Alphonso Buell

Celebrating the life of Dean Alphonso Buell in April, 2012 with his mom and two friends. Dr. Travelbest is priviledged to know Raquel Giraldez, mother of the deceased, as she was the designer and illustrator and most travelled friend of Dr. Travelbest in 1993 as the book was being written and published. Dean was involved with the editorial, even though he was a youngster at the time. Thanks, Dean, for sharing your mom so that Dr. Travelbest could teach others about Independent Travel. Speaking of travel, this is the view from the front yard of Raquel's home in Buellton, CA. The mountains in the distant background are picture postcard on this memorable day, right near the 101. (Photos: top: view from Raquels, bottom: center, Raquel and right, Rosanna Figuerola (sp?) at the Celebration of Dean's 24 years on the earth.) There were so many stars that night, we knew that Dean was watching us from above with his new friends.
Heading back to Colorado to see the three John Scott McCabes again tomorrow. From Georgia to Denver, these guys will be ready for some mountain air and swimming this week. We all know that the fires have devastated the area around Colorado Springs, and that fireworks and bonfires are out of the question this year throughout the state, but it will surely be a great trip nonetheless. We're expecting temperatures in the high 90's and even more, but cooler in the mountains near Winter Park. This storm was captured two summers ago, while in the area. A surprise lightning storm south east of Denver.