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Dr Mary Travelbest Boston

Dr Mary Travelbest Boston  Key Takeaways : FAQ: Advice on how to express your opinions in a foreign country, where you are a visitor and a guest. Boston is a walking city, with real weather, and has the best fall colors around. You will be charmed by the wonderful people, especially the highly educated environment. My mistake: Speaking badly to the TSA when I was in the airport security line as a high schooler. Do your homework on the internet before you leave for your trip. Dr. Travelbest provides a list of places to review and consider how to make your travel arrangements that works best for you, as an independent traveler. ·          FAQ: What is your advice in terms of talking about your political views while traveling in other countries?  Should I be outspoken or shy away from expressing my politics? ·          My advice is to keep it quiet. You are a guest. Act like one. Be respectful. You can disagree with the policies, but it’s not your place to bring

Dr. Mary Travelbest Chile

Dr. Mary Travelbest Chile Key Takeaways: Take care when going out at night. Learn the maps as best you can before you arrive. Keep your passport safe and always have extra copies elsewhere. Chile is a wonderful destination, even if you don’t speak Spanish. You may be the first American that the locals have met. You can ski there in July! The mountains are wonderful, but can be very scary in a vehicle in a snowstorm. Mistake: Missing the boat, plane or other.. Learn from your errors and don’t be like me. Advice: Have fun, no matter the circumstances. FAQ- My friend Patti asks….. What are things that you should think about if you are a woman traveling by yourself-opportunities and/or dangers? Opportunities: Strangers are just people you have not yet met, most of the time. Appear to be confident, even if you are not. Be yourself Learn a new language, skill or sport Learn technology, esp. how to read a map Dangers: New shoes Altitude sickness Don’t

Dr. Mary Travelbest China

Dr. Mary Travelbest China  Shanghai, 1989 Shanghai, 2016 Key Takeaways: Inspiring women who are Independent travelers: Look for some in your circle of friends and get to know them. I talk about a friend who just left for a one year adventure, Cindy. FAQ- Can you name some independent travelers who inspire you, Dr. Travelbest? Yes, I would like to call out several people, and today, I want to call out my friend, Cindy, who is setting out on a long trip. She will be gone for a year, at least. This is in recognition of the many years of friendship and great times. Cindy retired a couple of years ago, and has a travelbug. She needs to make this happen, while she is still able to and willing to go places. So she is planning a trip that includes many countries, many cities and many outstanding adventures. She knows that she can go to the EU for 180 days out of a year, so she is going there, and strategically leaving the northern countries during the cooler mont

Dr. Mary Travelbest London, New York, Arizona

 Dr. Mary Travelbest London, New York, Florida, Arizona FAQ: A listener asks: “ I’ll be in London . Should I get the 2 day bus pass ? Do I take the jump on jump off bus?” Response: It depends on the weather. If it’s raining, then you may not want to do this trip. This kind of trip helps you understand the city in a short time span and will be best. If you are new to the city, it can make sense, depending on you. Destination: New York City Dr. Travelbest shares some of her experience in New York, growing up. What’s different about travel in New York? Is it safe? As long as you stay in open areas and don’t tempt the bad guys, you should be okay. What museums? Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) Museum of Natural History Statue of Liberty Mistakes: The missed flight, which was another two days until we could leave. Stranded for three days total. One of a kind experience made the most of a mistake by our travel agent. Sedona, Arizona Population i

Dr. Mary Travelbest My First Independent Trip

Dr. Mary Travelbest My First Independent Trip Who is Dr. Travelbest? Dr. Mary Beth McCabe and in the future, her daughter, Tina Shubat will take over the role. Assess your travel needs first to find your travel space. FAQ: For a recently divorced woman, how should I travel? Start small and be comfortable Go local. Try 10-15 miles from home and make it an adventure regularly. Move up to 30 miles and then to the next state and make conversations at these new places. You will gain so much from your travel. Tips: Safety precautions: health, safety and more tips can protect you. How To: Packing. Travel light to save energy and time. Pack half of a small suitcase. The other half can be for things to give away. Consider a small backpack instead of a suitcase if possible. The basics: medications, cosmetics, and one of a kind items. Attitude: Keep saying “yes”. Face your fear of going alone. Meeting people may be a challenge. Talk about the weather, trans

Dr. Mary Travelbest New Zealand with a bonus destination of Baja, Mexico

Dr. Mary Travelbest  New Zealand with a bonus destination of Baja, Mexico Key Takeaways: Travel with confidence, no matter the situation. Visit your favorite places, near and far. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience traveling, you can do New Zealand and learn a lot. What can you expect there? We share a few insights about that and also Mexico, especially the Baja area from Tijuana south. We discuss driving, insurance, and what is a good city to visit. Today’s Independent Destination-New Zealand and Mexico New Zealand Christchurch bombing Auckland Queenstown Kiwis Fjords Franz Joseph Glacier plane ride WW2 in New Zealand Destination: Mexico travel Tijuana, Mexico, close to the San Diego border A culturally defining moment for many Americans 20 miles away, but a world apart Passport required Things to buy at the border: Elvis Posters, Restaurants Ave. Revolucion Safety Border rules Flavors, colors Walk across Taxi

Dr. Mary Travelbest Alaska with a lot on Taipei

Dr. Mary Travelbest  Alaska with a lot on Taipei Question from a listener: I want to travel solo for several weeks, but my current job only gives me two weeks paid vacation per year. I’m comfortable with working on the go and can use the tools without being in the office. What should I do? The answer from Dr. Travelbest includes a step by step approach to travel in short trips then leading to longer ones. It also could involve some work from the road, if the boss is flexible. Digital nomads are popping up all over. They work while on the road traveling. Today’s Independent Destination- Alaska Seeing Homer , Alaska on July 4 at 11:30pm when the sky was still bright Land’s End Kenai Peninsula Rental Car in 2019. Minivan AirBNB Fairbanks Alaska Cruises for Solo Travelers Today’s Mistake- Getting soaked and frozen while fishing in Alaska Salmon Fishing. Licenses for fishing Today’s Travel Advice- from Yumi Cho , S.D. Symphony violinist f

Dr. Mary Travelbest in France on the Eiffel Tower

Will you join Dr. Mary Travelbest as she helps women travel the world? We'd love to see more of you and hear what's on your bucket list. You can listen to the podcast at "Go Solo Live" and enjoy the night views of the Eiffel Tower and the daytime views of the Pyrenees, in Luchon, France. #travelbest