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Barcelona, Spain

Learn how to travel as an independent woman with Dr Mary Travelbest. I want you to become the very best at travel. So please join the conversation. Ask a question, learn about a destination, laugh at my mistakes and take the travel tips with you, on the journey. Go places. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: we’ll talk about how many reservations are the right number when you travel, air, hotel, and more; Barcelona is the destination, and today’s mistake was not slowing downhill. The tip has to do with Online Travel Agencies for multiples. FAQ How do you balance between planning and making reservations verses spontaneity and being open to what comes up? This is a very important question for independent travel, or for any travel, really. The times that I really want a reservation are for the holiday travel dates. It’s good to book flights several weeks ahead of your holiday travel, and really consider the consequences of playing loose with your ar

Taipei, Taiwan

Enjoy your travel with Dr Mary Travelbest, the World's First Guide to Independent Travel, and since 1993, I've been helping you find yourself while you discover new adventures. Listen to your questions, the destination, my mistakes and also travel tips here. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: Finding the Best of…Beitou Hot Springs, near Taipei Taiwan. My mistake was not asking about Wifi in advance. Tips are how to pack like a pro. FAQ: Where can I find the best of something when I travel? I want to sample and see what is the very best, restaurants, locations, sights? When you are not on a tour, you need to find out your own schedules, and that is up to you. So here are some ways to make this happen: Ask the locals you meet. If you don’t meet any, then make a point to go places where they hang out. Get to know a few locals of a similar age and interest of yours. Maybe at a laundromat, coffee shop, train station, or even a playground or

San Antonio

Dr. Travelbest will guide you through San Antonio, Texas. Listen to your FAQ, the destination, my mistakes and travel tips. Please send in your questions, too. Check out this travel for women episode!

San Diego

Check out this travel for women episode!