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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr Travelbest helps women like you travel. Listen to this short podcast to become a "best" traveler.    Ann Arbor, Michigan is the destination. Learn from my mistakes.    Check out this episode!

Jackson, Mississippi

This is one of my favorite Authors, Roald Dahl. Jackson, Mississipi has some wonderful authors, too. Faulkner is one that comes to mind. Show Notes Destination: Jackson, Mississippi In this episode: FAQ is: How long should my vacation be? . Today’s Destination is: Jackson, Mississippi Today’s Mistake- Oversleeping Travel Advice: Bring half of what you think you need. FAQ: How long should my vacation be? I’ve been planning to take a trip to see my family and combine with some sightseeing. Can you suggest a good length? Answer: This response would vary depending on which level in the Independent Travel Spectrum you are currently at. The lower the number, the shorter the trip. If you are a level 3, which is more adventurous, you would possibly travel for several weeks at a time. The longest that I have traveled is a month, but many people go for longer trips than that. If you have the time, the money and the desire, well why not travel longer? Today’s destination: Jackson, Mis

Dallas, Texas Airports

This is for you if you are a woman who wants to travel more. This episode FAQ is: How can I travel better? I think that travel has a lot of glamour, but I don’t find that to be accurate when I am on the road. What can I do to improve my journey? Today’s Destination is Dallas Texas airports Today’s Mistake- Leaving a sweater on the plane Travel Advice:  Read the book: Wild Check out this episode!