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Lake Arrowhead, California

Dr Travelbest helps women to travel solo. FAQ is: How can I avoid the back row on the plane? Today’s Destination is: Lake Arrowhead Village Today’s Mistake- Wifi troubles in France Travel Advice:  Be kinder Connect with Dr Travelbest Website Mary Beth on Twitter Dr. Mary Travelbest Twitter   Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Page Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Group Dr. Mary Travelbest Instagram Clubhouse: Travel Best Women Check out this episode!

Redwoods of California

Looking to travel more? The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is: I’m recently single, and I want to travel more. How can I get the group rate even when I travel solo? Special Destination is: Redwoods of California Mistake- Forgot utensils on a picnic Advice: Confirm your flight at least a day in advance. Check out this episode!

Sapporo, Japan

Dr Travelbest guides women in travel. In this episode: FAQ is: How do I find a good tour to join and what about some solo trips, too? I want to visit my ancestors in Ireland. Today’s Destination: Sapporo, Japan Today’s Mistake- Nude baths in Japan without a clue Travel Advice:  Water hydration options Check out this episode!

Pacific Beach, California

Dr Travelbest helps women travel more. In this episode: FAQ is: I get lost easily. Do you have any tips to help me find my way when I travel by myself. Today’s Destination is: Pacific Beach, CA. Today’s Mistake- Shopping duty free Travel Advice:  Travel inspires Check out this episode!

Big Bear Lake, California

Do you travelbest yet? Dr Travelbest answers: FAQ: I want to travel somewhere I’ve never been before, but I can’t decide where. How can I choose? Today’s Destination is: Big Bear Lake and Mountain Today’s Mistake- Not wearing proper hiking footwear Travel Advice:  Know your phone’s settings. Ask if you are unclear about Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular options. Know how to set up a Personal Hotspot if you need to access your laptop, too. Keep your master password up to date, and once you have that, you should be able to access all passwords. Check out this episode!