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Hilton Head, South Carolina

The destination for women to travel independently is Hilton Head, South Carolina. The FAQ is on getting the best airfares and the travel lesson learned is to ask in advance if you need help. The tip is on being adventurous, and safe, while you travel. If you have a travel question, please ask. Check out this episode!

Costa Rica

  Show Notes: Dr Mary Travelbest Independent Travel Destination: Costa Rica   In this episode: FAQ is:   How can I get some rest on my vacation while keeping my sense of exploration? The destination is Costa Rica The lesson learned is to be surprised as a traveler The tip is to ask God for help, that’s right, unless you ask, don’t expect an answer. . The FAQ How can I get some rest on my vacation while keeping my sense of exploration? Answer: We love to explore new places and learn about other cultures, but one day in seven we need to rest and recover. Taking a break can stimulate parts of your brain. Rests refresh. The present is not perfect, so let that be and take a rest so you can get a pause and then return to travel with a new attitude.   3 Tips for being restful. Close your eyes and your brain for longer and longer segments of time. If you have no time, then do it while you are between other activities. Breathe deep and fully exhale while

Independent Travel Spectrum Level 5

Check out this episode! Dr Mary Travelbest special Episode on Travel Independent Spectrum Level 5   In this episode: The Faq is: What’s the most challenging trip so far for Dr Travelbest? This Special Episode is about Level 5 Travel, the most challenging. Lesson learned getting a tow and the Tip is to Stay informed by tuning in to local news early   FAQ: T he most challenging trip so far for Dr Travelbest has been not traveling during Covid (much travel that is). I’m trying to flatten the curve in a small way. I’d like to be traveling every week, going somewhere new and what an adventure that will be. However, I’ve been patient and waiting until the bans are lifted and will have lots of travel ahead.     Today’s Independent Destination Travel Independent Spectrum Level 5 Difficult   This is travel to the countries that I’ve been to that would be considered Level 5 include these: Thailand, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Chile.   This is the peak level, or most di

Seward, Alaska

Have you traveled to Alaska? I've been twice, both time as an independent traveler. You can learn from my adventures, my lessons, and tips. Ask questions about travel. You are my ideal traveler, so keep on going. During this time, you can be planning your trip for when the world opens up once again. Tips on a protective SPF clothing and my mistakes are here, too. Check out this episode!


Listen to the stories from the Land Down Under, a beautiful place for anyone to visit, Australia. Share your bucket list with Dr. Travelbest. Check out this episode!