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Fort Collins, Colorado

Dr Travelbest helps women travel independently. Follow the Independent Travel Spectrum and you will travel best, too. In this episode:  The FAQ What’s a good small town USA destination for independent travel? Today’s Destination is:  Fort Collins Colorado. Lesson Learned is- Mixing up day and night. Travel Advice- Remove worry Check out this episode!

China Part 2

This is for women who don't want to miss out on travel. Get going. How can I meet people when I travel without anyone else in my group? The destination is. China 1988 to Now Part 2 Travel Advice- Clear your mind of distractions and enjoy putting your toes in the sand, listening to the chirping birds and tasting a new flavor or where you are now.  Let us know your next trip destination. Check out this episode!

China part 1

Are you a woman who wants to travel more? The FAQ is: My favorite place in China to see again is? The special episode is about travel to China, then and now….part one of 2 Lesson learned: Know my USA politics better (I knew less than they did….at the time) Travel tip: Be willing to meet a stranger and get to know them. Check out this episode!

Ability Challenged Travel

This podcast is for women who travel, who want to travel, and especially on their own. The FAQ is:  what are the traits of Independent Women? The special episode is Ability Challenged travel.  The lesson learned is: Losing money from Covid travel. the Tip is: feel like a local, wherever you are Check out this episode!

Lake Havasu

This is for women who want to overcome the fear of travel without a group. The FAQ is from social media on packing light as an overweight woman, not a bikini person. The Destination is: Lake Havasu, Arizona. Lesson Learned- I tripped on a wire, 20 inches from the ground. Travel Advice- Travel is a privilege, not a right. Check out this episode!