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Have you been to Michigan lately? Especially in the summer, there's a lot going on, but you can also enjoy all seasons. Listen to how you can visit on your time and your pace, plus learn some travel tips for independent women.  Check out this travel for women episode!

Munich, Germany

  Show Notes Independent Travel Dr. Mary Travelbest: Munich, Germany In this episode: FAQ what makes someone a good travel companion?   Destination: Munich Germany, My mistakes: Fashion Fo-Pahs and travel advice for avoiding extra fees for carry-on baggage. FAQ: In your experience, what makes someone a good travel companion? Answer: My best travel companions have a sense of humor when things don’t go the way we planned, or we lose our way. Being resilient and making do with the circumstances goes a long way when with another person on the road. Patience and curiosity are two great qualities to carry along, too. Today’s Independent Destination- Munich, Germany For the Tourist: Two favorite memories of Munich are Oktoberfest (mid Sept-Mid Oct) and Dachau. The Fest is also called:   Wisen, pronounced “Vizen “ after Therese, one of the originals from a wedding party feast two centuries ago. Yes, the fest is

Houston, Texas

Show Notes Dr. Mary Travelbest: Houston In this episode: Eating Vegan on the road, Destination: Houston, Mistake is getting pick pocketed, and tips are things to carry in your car if on a road trip. FAQ- Can I eat vegan or vegetarian while on the road? Yes, you can and it’s getting easier to do that. Try planning ahead to see what places are vegan. You can always find the staples of Beans and Rice, even when you’re not on the road. Falafel. Eat breakfast, wherever you start out. Carry your own food. Be sure to have protein, including nuts. I’m not a vegan, but I know that it’s a very healthy lifestyle, so I’ll be more conscious of others who are. Today’s Independent Destination- Houston Touristy:   Yes, it’s a Huge city, and the locals like that it’s been “underrated” for many years. And Texas is a huge state, so consider that everything


Independent Travel Show Notes: Michigan Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Independent Travel Guide. This is for women who travel, who want to travel, and especially for those who want to travel independently. In this episode: FAQ When is the best time to plan a trip? Destination: Michigan, Mistake: spinning around off the highway on ice, and tip on making copies of your passport. FAQ- When is the best time to plan a trip? I like to plan my trip on the way home from the last one. It just makes sense when you can do that. You’ve got that last bit of energy and excitement from where you’ve just been. Take a few minutes to put together a plan, and then start researching why you’d want to go there and when. From there, it’s up to you on getting the plan moving forward. You don’t always need someone to plan with you. You can just plan your own trip, you   know! It will be fun once you get going and start believing that you’re really going. Today’s Independent Destinati

Paris, France

Walk through Paris, France like you live there. Share a few moments on the tourist path, but also get on the off the beaten path and find some discoveries of your own. I guide you along the way, and even share my mistakes with you. Learn from me before you leave for your trip. You'll be safer and healthier while you travel independently. Check out this travel for women episode!

Vancouver, Canada

Have you traveled to Vancouver, Canada on the West Coast, just a bit north of Washington State? You can learn about how to go there independently here.  Go off the beaten path and find your way. I'll also share tips for finding a clean public restroom, share my mistakes and give some tips of travel in San Francisco. Check out this travel for women episode!

New Orleans

Independent Travel Show Notes New Orleans In this episode: FAQ: How do I always bring the right clothes, but not over pack? Destination: New Orleans, mistake: jumping in water that was too shallow, and tips on travel and local libraries. Takeaways FAQ- How do I bring the right clothes, but not over pack? This is always a challenge, even when you are going to a beach. What do you do? I’ve got a plan that works for me, so here it is. I put everything I need out on the floor, but in reach, fill my suitcase, and then dump out half of it. I want to color match, so maybe just black and white clothes will be the style. Usually just one pair of pants is all you need, and a few blouses, except for long trips. Try to bring things that work alone, like solid colors that are neutral, not always the exact outfit is needed to enjoy yourself. Do you want to be carrying around a large suitcase? I think not. So lighten it by bringing gifts for others from your hometown. Drop them off.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Let's visit Santa Fe, New Mexico as a woman independent traveler. I just did it this month and you can, too. I'll share my travel mistakes and give you tips for travel. I also answer your questions, so go ahead and ask me. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: FAQ on how to keep food and meal costs low? The destination is Santa Fe, New Mexico, the mistake is almost causing havoc on the road, and travel advice is to travel or not on a holiday? FAQ: Advice on how to keep food/meal costs low while traveling? Keeping food costs low is … Club stores: Sam’s, Costco lets you buy in bulk, so if you are in a trip where you can bulk up, do so right away. For example, you may need to get a case of bottled water, especially in a foreign country. You may find that the Club stores have really great pricing on bulk water, other beverages, and even staples like peanut butter and jelly. We get our gas, too, and to save time, get there before it opens. G


The Windy City may be just the place for you to visit. Have you been to the Second City yet? This is a guide for women to travel independently. So you can get going, give it a listen. Build your confidence. You are ready to begin. Also, hear my mistakes and some tips for independent travelers. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: Favorite information experts, destination Chicago, my mistake jetlag, my advice is to make your luggage sing to you, with a ribbon. ·          FAQ: What are your favorite types of people to ask local information from (like front desk clerks, Uber driver, Park Rangers, etc.)? My favorite are uber and lyft drivers. They are usually from another country and just traveling with them makes me feel like my trip has begun, even if it’s to the airport. Park Rangers. Love them, too. The National Parks, State Parks, they are docents, love being outdoors. Really love being with people. They are so smart, too. They seem to have all

Barcelona, Spain

Learn how to travel as an independent woman with Dr Mary Travelbest. I want you to become the very best at travel. So please join the conversation. Ask a question, learn about a destination, laugh at my mistakes and take the travel tips with you, on the journey. Go places. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: we’ll talk about how many reservations are the right number when you travel, air, hotel, and more; Barcelona is the destination, and today’s mistake was not slowing downhill. The tip has to do with Online Travel Agencies for multiples. FAQ How do you balance between planning and making reservations verses spontaneity and being open to what comes up? This is a very important question for independent travel, or for any travel, really. The times that I really want a reservation are for the holiday travel dates. It’s good to book flights several weeks ahead of your holiday travel, and really consider the consequences of playing loose with your ar

Taipei, Taiwan

Enjoy your travel with Dr Mary Travelbest, the World's First Guide to Independent Travel, and since 1993, I've been helping you find yourself while you discover new adventures. Listen to your questions, the destination, my mistakes and also travel tips here. Check out this travel for women episode! In this episode: Finding the Best of…Beitou Hot Springs, near Taipei Taiwan. My mistake was not asking about Wifi in advance. Tips are how to pack like a pro. FAQ: Where can I find the best of something when I travel? I want to sample and see what is the very best, restaurants, locations, sights? When you are not on a tour, you need to find out your own schedules, and that is up to you. So here are some ways to make this happen: Ask the locals you meet. If you don’t meet any, then make a point to go places where they hang out. Get to know a few locals of a similar age and interest of yours. Maybe at a laundromat, coffee shop, train station, or even a playground or

San Antonio

Dr. Travelbest will guide you through San Antonio, Texas. Listen to your FAQ, the destination, my mistakes and travel tips. Please send in your questions, too. Check out this travel for women episode!

San Diego

Check out this travel for women episode!

USA National Parks

Have you been to a few national parks in the USA? What is your favorite?  I'd like to hear from you about that. I'd like to feature the best of them. I will share my experiences and also give tips and some of my many mistakes too. Check out this travel for women episode!


We share travel destinations, answer your questions, tell mistakes and give tips for women travelers worldwide. Give us a few minutes and we will change our world. Check out this travel for women episode!


Listen to the stories from the Land Down Under, a beautiful place for anyone to visit, Australia. Share your bucket list with Dr. Travelbest. Check out this travel for women episode!

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Mary Travelbest takes you to Atlanta, Georgia. Caption: Big Creek Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia In this episode: FAQ, Mosquitos, and how to avoid being their dinner. Destination: Atlanta Georgia; My mistake was trusting the balloon pilot, and tip is to buy your airline tickets when there’s a sale. FAQ- What to do about mosquitos? In the summer these pests are more than just a pain. What can we do to stay bite free? Here’s a list of things: stay indoors at sunset, when they are hungry. Use Deet and Neet and other topical sprays. B1 vitamins, long sleeves and pants, netting for your sleeping and maybe your hat has a net. Does the country you are visiting have Malaria? Be sure to get shots if you can ahead of time. Today’s Independent Destination-Atlanta, Georgia I’ve been going to Georgia since 1974. Underground Atlanta was one of my first memories, and it’s still there. Six city blocks of underground shopping and eating and entertainment near the Five