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Memphis, Tennessee

Show Notes Dr Mary Travelbest Independent Travel Destination: Memphis, TennesseeIn this episode: FAQ is how to find a place to worship while just visiting. The destination is Memphis, Tennessee, The mistake is needing to go to sleep, while tipsy, and the travel tip is on travel with pets.FAQ: It’s Sunday and I want to worship in my religion. How do I find a place of worship in a city where I’m just visiting?Keeping the faith strong while on the road is important, and here are some tips for you to follow:Download the app: Church Finder from the Apple store or Google Play.Go to your search engine and type in “Churches near me.” Or “churches (location) and then seek out the ratings. You can look further into other social media regarding these you find before you visit, because you may be looking for something specific.Find Facebook groups in the city/village you visit and connect there. For example, Search “Christians (location)” and you will find several th…

Whistler, Canada

Women who want to travel more and independently will learn from this short episode, with FAQ, destination, my mistakes and a travel tip, such as Follow Your Personal Travel Hero. The destination is Whistler, Canada. Dr Mary Travelbest wants to know, what's on your bucket list?
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Dr Travelbest helps women travel, one at a time. If you need to build your confidence for travel, give a listen. You will grow and go. This episode is about the destination of Vermont, and also has an FAQ, my mistake and travel tips for the independent woman. What's on your bucket list?
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Berlin, Germany

Show Notes Dr Travelbest Guide to Berlin, GermanyIn this episode: The FAQ is on how to improve my map-reading skills and the destination is Berlin, Germany. The mistake is not slowing down at a stop sign and the advice includes the reasons why we travel.How should I read a map? What’s a map? It’s geography in two dimensions. Look at a map and seek distance, direction and natural plus man-made features, such as roads. Also, search for topographical, that is, the arrangement of the natural and physical features items that may stand out to you. Reading a map is integral for travelers to embrace, so take some steps to enjoy while you learn. I’m not naturally a good map reader or good on directions, so I’ve had to learn some tips. Here are a few you can practice, too.·Break your route into legs.·Measure your distances accurately.·Learn to read contour lines and identify key features.·First, look at a map for a few minutes before you set on your journey.·Orient to some landmarks.·Form a men…

Special Episode: Traveling with Masks

Special Episode on Traveling with MasksWelcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Special Episode on Traveling with Facial Coverings and MasksDr Travelbest helps women travel, one at a time. During the time of Covid, travel is different, and you need to stay aware. For those of us who want to travel, this presents special attention, even if you’re only traveling to the grocery store.The FAQ is: Why do I need to wear a mask? The Special Episode is on Travel with a Mask and the mistake is wearing my mask upside down. The tip is to wash your mask daily and replace often.FAQ: Why do I need to wear a mask?Answer: Because it traps most of the air particles.Scientific evidence shows that use of masks and face coverings reduces disease transmission. When someone speaks, sings, coughs or sneezes, they release infectious particles into the air. These coverings are not a substitute for physical distancing washing hands and staying home when ill.Traveling with MasksThe CDC has shifted its guidance from spr…

Temecula, CA

Dr Travelbest guides the woman traveler through new territory, independently. This episode FAQ is about hodophobia, the fear of travel. The destination is Temecula. Find out all about my mistakes, plus learn travel tips. 
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Travel Independent Spectrum Level 2

Dr Mary Travelbest gives women travel confidence, advice and perspecive. The FAQ is about doing laundry on the road. The destination is about Travel Independent Spectrum Level 2.What's on your bucket list?
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Reno, NV

This episode is for women who want to build their confidence and experience in travel. Dr Mary Travelbest is your guide and offers a FAQ, the destination of Reno, Nevada, my mistake and travel tips. What's on your bucket list? Be sure to ask your travel questions, too. The doctor is available.
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Lake Tahoe, CA

For women who want to build confidence in travel, this guide is helpful to learn tips, destinations and my mistakes in travel. The destination in this episode is Lake Tahoe, California.What's on your bucket list?
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Iowa City, Iowa

Visiting in Iowa City is a treat that I welcome, especially if I get to see the nature sights. Listen to some fun off the beaten path places to enjoy in eastern Iowa, four hours from Chicago. The FAQ is on saving money while traveling, and the mistake is about switching credit cards. What's on your bucket list?
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Have you been to Nashville? I was there just a few days before the lockdown, so this was timely. Listen to what you may be doing in Nashville on your next visit. Plus the FAQ, my mistake and a travel tip.
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Temecula, California

Dr Travelbest Guide to Temecula, CAIn this episode: The FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel? The destination is Temecula, CAThe mistake is Choosing snorkeling over scuba in the Great Barrier Reef. The tip is to define your life in independent travelThe FAQ is What is hodophobia? How can one cope with this fear of travel?Answer: Hodophobia is the fear of travel. This is real for many people. Not just women, but mostly. It is more than just anxiety, and can cause shaking, crying, nausea, headaches, and sweating.Here are four Tips for Coping with a Fear of TravelingConsult with a professional in mental health if you have a phobia of any kind. Some have found that there are other ways if mild symptoms occur. Set you own researched expectations: Use what you learn on the Internet for information. The more you research, your stress will be reduced and hodophobia left behind. Visualize: Imagine yourself negotiating city traffic and ev…

Reno, Nevada

Reno Nevada: Dr Mary TravelbestFAQ How can I Take care better care of our Planet as I travel?Answer: Sustainable travel is for you, and for me. When you go somewhere, be sure to leave it as you found it. Take only memories from nature. Leave only footprints. Sierra Club has taught me well, as has Triple A.Here are some answers:Eat localTake shorter trips closer to homeTravel on public transportationPack smartTravel slowFewer flight connectionsToday’s Independent Destination- Reno, NVTravel with me on Hwy 15 heading home after a week in the Eastern Sierras, including Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, and Sparks.If your family is looking for a Western vacation, away from Big Sur, and close to inexpensive family travel destinations, Reno and the Eastern Sierras may be your best bet.Today’s Mistake- Food PoisoningThere’s nothing like being sick that can ruin a trip. I ate Udom with shrimp in the 1221 Restaurant in close to the Takoro Gorge in Taiwan at a nic…

Lake Tahoe

Show Notes for Lake Tahoe with Dr Mary Travelbest
In this episode: The FAQ is about CLEAR
FAQ: What is CLEAR? I’ve seen it in the airports and it looks like a good way to skip the line? When would I want to use that?
Answer: Clear is the fastest way to get through a select number of airports, right now about 30, but can also be used in concerts and other venues in the future. Identity screening and security clearance are the two reasons for this service, which uses retina scans to identify you. The current cost is $179 per year per person, but there are some other pricing features, such as bringing your children along with you, and that depends on their ages. Is it better than TSA PreCheck? For some people, yes, but for others, the choice is TSA. That is not as fast, and costs less, about $20 a year.

Today’s Indep…

Iowa City, Iowa

Show Notes Iowa City, Iowa
In this episode: The FAQ is : I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places? The destination is Iowa City, Iowa, the mistake is switching credit cards in a restaurant: and the tip is Get a Globe.
FAQ: is from Linda who asks, I love to travel, but during this time of uncertainty, I just don’t know how I can afford to see the places that I want to go to on my budget. How can I save money while I travel to new places? Answer: Linda, the best way to save money on travel expenses is to share a room with someone else. That does not always work well for independent travelers so here are a few other tips to save your hard-earned cash. House swapBring a meal with youTravel public transportationPlan so you don’t need to push for time limitsWork on the road, such as on a dude ranch, cruise ship, traveling nurse or tutor.Bring your work with you, so you can work f…