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Costa del Sol, Spain

Are you looking for some warm weather, European-style, without the crowds? This is where you should be. We are taking you to new places, like Nerja, Spain, on the Mediterranean. Learn what to pack for the flight, how not to get parking tickets and why you should leave early on a driving trip. Check out this travel for women episode!

Costa del Sol, Spain

  Independent Travel Blog Show Notes: Costa del Sol, Spain Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Independent Travel Guide. This is for women who travel, who want to travel, and especially for those who want to travel independently. In this episode: FAQ is quick packing tips for the flight, the destination is Costa del Sol, my mistake, Parking Tickets, and tips are for leaving early if you have a long drive. FAQ: What are some quick packing tips for the airplane? When you are going on a long airline flight, here are some packing tips from my independent travel friend, Pat Brown. She says to pack a small bag for your “in flight” only items. She used noise cancelling headphones, which she says work great. She recommends wearing slip on shoes for faster security passing. I like to bring a mask so I can sleep on the plane and extra socks to keep my toes warm. I try to charge up an extra external phone battery, so I don’t run out of juice on a long plane trip. Today’s Independ

Munich, Germany

Take yourself to Bavaria, part of southern Germany, for the Black Forest, Oktoberfest any time of year, and even some places that were famous in WW2 as concentration camps. I will guide you on the best places to go and things to do, before you leave town. I also give you my mistakes along the way, so you won't repeat them. Learn from the Best Travelers for Independent Women. Check out this travel for women episode!

Houston, Texas

Everything is BIG in Texas, and the Doctor tells you a few of her travel bests in Houston. Learn about the touristy things, but also off the beaten path. Pick up some travel tips and my mistakes, too. Check out this travel for women episode!


Along the West Coast of Canada is the lovely city of Vancouver, just north of Washington State. Hear about what to do in Vancouver, so your travel appetite will be aroused. You can do this trip. Listen to my mistakes and some tips for travel, too. Check out this travel for women episode!