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Photography for Independent Travelers

  Special Episode on Photography for independent women travelers In this episode: The FAQ is about the best souvenirs. The Special episode is about Photography for Independent Travelers. The mistake is the trips that I never took. The Travel Tip is to find some time to reflect. FAQ: What are the best souvenirs for travelers? Answer: A souvenir is a remembrance or memory, from the French. Souvenirs are keepsakes and things that are kept as a reminder of a place or event. You acquire these for the memories that they bring. You want to share that memory to another or to keep it for yourself. The worst souvenirs are breakables, such as glass and fragile art, because they may not be practical to carry. Next worst are heavy things, such as books, bricks or electronics. Favorite things that I like to share with others as gifts are scarves, bookmarks, and especially photographs, which I will discuss in this special episode in just a minute here. My husband likes it when I give him a

Travel Independent Spectrum Level 3

  Dr Mary Travelbest Independent Travel Guide:   Travel Independent Spectrum Level 3 travel: independent to a different state or nearby country In this episode : The   FAQ Where can I learn about the arts in a new city that I visit?     Level 3 travel independent to a different state or country. The mistake is about a terrible experience in a foreign currency and the tip is to learn some new words in a foreign language before you go. FAQ: Dorothea asks:   Where can I find out about the arts before I visit? What is the best way to soak in the culture, especially if you don’t know where to begin?  Start by reading a lot and a little planning. Which arts most interest you? Is it music? If so, then you should consider seeing some live music on your trip. When I was in Hannibal, Mo during the lockdown, the local town came to life on Monday nights with an orchestra playing on one side of the street and the audience on the other side of the street. I was delighted with this concert ex


This episode is for women who are stuck and want to travel, but are not doing it. This will give you confidence to strike out and be independent. The destination is Wisconsin, and there is an FAQ, my mistake and a travel tip as well. Listen to Dr Mary Travelbest and share your travel bucket list. Check out this travel for women episode!