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Special Travel Rewind

In this episode, we discuss your travel memories from five years ago. So to help you relive some trips from then, we offer tips and some of our experience to unlock the memories, to enjoy again and again, wherever you are now. We also talk about cleaning our regular "stuff" during the outbreak, plus I tell my mistakes and a tip for independent travel. Check out this travel for women episode!

Travel Independent Spectrum

Dr. Mary Travelbest’s on the Travel Independent Spectrum This special episode during the physical distancing requirements allows for some new insights and new ways to think about travel, especially for women who like to travel independently. The FAQ is What is your favorite thing about traveling solo? The episode is about the Travel Independent Spectrum, the mistake is the wrong hole in one and tips are for stretching from your seat. FAQ: What is my favorite thing about traveling solo? Everything. Read my book and you will learn more. Today’s Episode is about the Travel Independent Spectrum   What kind of a traveler are you? This is the official launch of the new term, The Travel Independent Spectrum, which is a way to measure your level of the type of traveler you are. This book that I’m writing will help you find your way matched to your level of travel experience. There are five levels so far, and there may be more in the future. For now, Level 1

Special Edition Rewind Travel Episode

Special Edition Rewind Travel Episode  In this episode: The FAQ is What have you cleaned now, for the first time? The destination is: Your Special Rewind Travel from 2015, the mistake is not writing a certain book, and the tip is to rewind your travel photos. FAQ: What have you cleaned now, that you have never cleaned before the virus? For example, your passport. Answer: On our private Dr Mary Travelbest Facebook group, members responded with creative and thoughtful answers. Here’s what you said, my key fob, my purse, market bag, all groceries, my workout gloves, my atm card, my credit card, my gym bag (now I wait for the gym to open), my iPad, my desktop keyboard, and even the bottom of my shoes was discussed in this topic. If you’re not a member of our group yet, please join the conversation. It’s open by approval only. If you’re listening now, say so, and you’ll be approved. https://www.

Special Edition Bucket List Travel

This special edition is about Bucket List Travel, and you will have a chance to build your own list and share it with Dr Travelbest. You'll learn about the origins of Bucket Lists, and hear where Dr Travelbest wants to go next.  My mistakes are about geography and the tip is to see more while you go off the beaten path. Check out this travel for women episode!

Special Episode Local Travel on Foot

Local travel during the crisis is on foot in your neighborhood. Have you been exploring? Here's how to start and keep going, so you will be in good shape for the next season. The FAQ is how to avoid overdoing it. The mistake is poor directions and the tip is on sleeping well for travel. Check out this travel for women episode!

Special Episode: Favorite Travel Movies

Armchair travelers will love this top 10 list of my favorite travel movies, plus some that will NOT lead you to travel, so don't watch them.  The FAQ is about how to get through being stranded, if it ever happens to you. The mistake is about nail clippers. The tips are small things that matter when you do travel. Check out this travel for women episode!

Special Favorite Travel Movies Issue

Show Notes: Special Favorite Travel Movies Issue Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Special Favorite Travel Movies for staying home. In this episode: The FAQ is what to do when you are stranded and feeling alone? The destination is your home video studio. Staying at home film destinations are top movies picks about travel, the mistake is traveling with nail clippers, and the tip is: packing like a pro, including a respirator mask. FAQ:   What to do if you get stranded? If I am traveling alone or with a friend, and we become lost, or totally alone, what should we do? Answer: In today’s connected world, you’re never alone, but you can do the following things if you find yourself out on the streets. 1)       If you can’t find a place to stay, here are some ideas, go to the outskirts of town, or the next town over and find a place there. 2)       Go to a local pub and talk to the bartender and see if he has any suggestions, 3)       Go to a church and see if they know anyone