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Omaha, Nebraska

  Show Notes 77 Dr Mary Travelbest Guide to Omaha, Nebraska   In this episode: The FAQ The FAQ is on medical tourism The Destination is Omaha, Nebraska The lesson learned is not to hitchhike in the wrong direction The tip is remove food from carry on luggage for X ray.   FAQ: What is Medical Tourism, and should I consider that?   Answer: Medical tourism is very popular in certain countries like Thailand, India, Costa Rica, and Mexico. There are packages that include insurance for a selection of treatments, travel and doctors. Some of the reasons for these visits include cancer, osteo, cardio, cosmetic and dental. Think about the quality and the level of satisfaction that you expect if you are going to plan such a visit, and include interpreters, as well as recovery if needed. There are three steps, the pre, during and post medical consideration. With today’s technology and transparency, look for this to grow in the future.   Today’s Episode Destination is Omaha,

Lincoln, Nebraska

  Show Notes Independent Travel Destination: Lincoln Nebraska   In this episode: FAQ is how to find out the travel restrictions for a place I want to visit? The destination is Lincoln, Nebraska The lesson learned is: don’t drop phone/camera and crack your screen and the tip is on using notes on your phone.   FAQ: How can I find out the travel restrictions for a place I want to visit?   Answer: State Department     is the website to visit to get up to date travel restrictions, maps and what you need, including passport updated info. You will see every region has a level of restriction, and most say “travel restricted” or “do not travel” now. That will change over the next few months, and years, so stay aware of the rules as you are planning future trips.   Today’s Independent Destination- Lincoln Nebraska   My sister in law, Cindy, is from Lincoln, so she told me some great things to do there. Here are some of my favorites.   Pionee

South Dakota

    Show Notes Dr Mary Travelbest Episode on South Dakota     In this episode: FAQ is “How to keep clothes clean while traveling?” The Destination is the state of South Dakota.   My lesson learned is trouble with Uber/Lyft apps and The Tip is how to deal with people who approach you that you’d rather not know.   FAQ: How do you keep clothes clean when traveling? How often should I plan to do a wash of my clothes?   Everyone has their own definition of clean, and with clothes that is not any different. My definition of clean is fresh and non-stained clothing, and what really matters is your undergarments. Keeping the things close to your skin clean will keep you on the road longer. So be sure that you have enough underwear for your trip, even if you need to wash them often. Usually, these will dry quickly, too. Here are three tips for clean clothes:   Bring bags to keep clean away from dirty Carry detergent with you so you can wash on the road Consider wea

California Beaches Part 2

  Show Notes California Beaches (Part 2)   In this episode: The FAQ is on points vs miles for a credit card and the destination is California Beaches part 2 the lesson learned is cutting out sinus infections and the tip is when to visit the Eiffel Tower.   FAQ: What’s the difference between points and miles on a credit card reward?   Answer:   There is little difference between points and miles on a credit card.   If you have a choice, get the cash, not the points or the miles. Points are just another way to accrue loyalty for travel companies. They may call them miles, but all in all, the mileage may vary. The companies can change the rules anytime they want. Now is a good time to use your miles, if you’ve been storing them. Don’t let them disappear. You can often give them as a gift to someone else, too. Most of the credit cards that let you earn points have a fee and restrictions. Be sure to read the fine print before you buy.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  Show Notes Sioux Falls, South Dakota   In this episode: FAQ is   how to deal with loneliness when you are solo. Destination is Sioux Falls, South Dakota Lesson Learned is Getting Wet Travel tip is a Fanny Pack   FAQ is: When I am lonely, what should I do on the road?   Answer:   If you travel solo, there are times you will feel alone, but you can lean into these times and think of something positive about being solo. For example, you can go at your own pace, have uninterrupted time to daydream, and sleep in if you want. However, it’s always good to have a friend you can check in with from the road, just to call and say “hello” to someone you love. So, keep the loved ones informed about your location and have a positive attitude so they don’t worry.   Today’s Independent Destination- Sioux Falls   What can you do in Sioux Falls?   Downtown Sculpture Walk, that was perfect to do early morning, and stopped in some retail stores, too. Duluth Trading for one.


  Show Notes Independent Travel Destination: Arkansas   In this episode: FAQ is single supplement shopping The destination is Little Rock, Arkansas The lesson learned is cutting out stress and the tip is tooth smart travel   FAQ: should you pay a single supplement or negotiate for a lower rate?   A  single supplement  is a charge paid by a solo traveler to compensate a hotel or cruise line for losses incurred because only one person is staying in a room or cruise ship cabin. Most hotel rooms and ship cabins are built under the assumption that at least two people will occupy them   You will be required to pay them from some vendors, but this is negotiable. You should negotiate for the lower rate or move on to a vendor who is willing to work with you. Do not settle for the first price when it comes to a single supplement. Your pocketbook will thank you.   Today’s Independent Destination- Arkansas   Depending on where you live, Arkansas may be one of your last