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Dr. Mary Travelbest in Washington and Oregon?

Are you travelling in the great Northwest this year? If you are, what is your favorite activity to do on the road? We just returned from a 4500 mile car trip, the ultimate road trip, really. We went north through all of the US through to Canada and even up into Banff and Jasper National Parks, before going west to Vancouver, then down through Washington and Oregon before returning to San Diego, California. This image includes some of the activities in Oregon (top two) and Washington (bottom two). The top left is on the beach in Brookings, Mill Beach. A residential area with only about 5 parking spots, so I doubt this will ever be a busy beach. Brookings is just north of the California border on Highway 5. The top right photo, also Brookings, shows a man on a boat called Lady Louise who sells crabs. These are the freshest crabs that I ever tasted. He catches them using traps during the morning, sells them all that day. He offers a fair price and then steams them for you. You will fin