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Getting Ready For Travel: Japan

Many moons have passed since my last travel post. Sorry about that for my loyal fans and friends. I'll try to be more regular about posting here. As I prepare to visit Japan for the first time, I can use some advice from my followers. What can I expect to find when I arrive? Can you describe your first experience in Japan? My visit is part business/part pleasure. I'll be landing in Tokyo, staying three nights, and the going to Sapporo for three nights. After that, I fly to Osaka, and then stay in Kyoto for two nights, and then return to Tokyo for the remaining time of the trip. By that time, I think that I will understand more about the Japanese culture and how this culture has influenced me. Here is a map of the country of Japan, and you can see how close it is to South Korea and the Soviet Union. Below is a map of images of Japan, compiled using Google images. I look forward to your comments. Please send them directly to