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Dr. Mary Travelbest is inviting you to Build a Community for Women Travelers

Calling all women who travel or who want to travel. This is time for you to get going and ask questions about your next trip. I'll try to answer that on my next podcast. I've been writing about travel as Dr. Mary Travelbest since 1993. More than 10,000 of you bought and read (and maybe shared) the book, so there is already a group of you worldwide with a passion for independent travel. Since 1993, I've been on the road a lot, and continue to build tips and make mistakes, so you don't have to make them. Want to know about my latest mishap? I'll tell you at least one on each guide, so join my guide on audio, wherever you get your downloads. Here's a sample to the most recent test version of the audio. Please tell me what you think, ok? We're on twitter, instagram, and of course, a Facebook Group and a page where you can book an appointment to talk about travel. So what are you waiting for?  #independenttravel #drmarytravelbest.