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Guest Post: Lizandra Jimenez Rodriguez

I want to travel independently, does that makes sense? Written by: Lizandra Jimenez Rodriguez When traveling becomes a great passion, you usually keep a bucket list framed at your desk or in the lock screen of your phone. You never stop planning or deciding when, where, and how to get to the next place. There are tons of ways to travel, however, independent travel has been always a popular one for those seeking adventure, exploring on their own, or simply trying to get away from the traditional and superficial (for some) tourist routine. A myth we need to forget is that independent travel is not all about backpacking in Europe or climbing the Everest; in fact, it can be done in many ways including different levels of budget and luxury. Also, independent travel can be done solo or with an affinity group with a particularly crafted itinerary. This makes it very different from escorted traveling of course. Companies have understood how escorted traveling is not for everyone and to

Getting Ready For Travel: Japan

Many moons have passed since my last travel post. Sorry about that for my loyal fans and friends. I'll try to be more regular about posting here. As I prepare to visit Japan for the first time, I can use some advice from my followers. What can I expect to find when I arrive? Can you describe your first experience in Japan? My visit is part business/part pleasure. I'll be landing in Tokyo, staying three nights, and the going to Sapporo for three nights. After that, I fly to Osaka, and then stay in Kyoto for two nights, and then return to Tokyo for the remaining time of the trip. By that time, I think that I will understand more about the Japanese culture and how this culture has influenced me. Here is a map of the country of Japan, and you can see how close it is to South Korea and the Soviet Union. Below is a map of images of Japan, compiled using Google images. I look forward to your comments. Please send them directly to