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Napa Valley, CA

In this episode, we talk about shopping in Mexico City, and the destination is Napa Valley, California. The mistake is riding a horse without any experience and the tip is to fill up your gas and charge up your batteries ahead of time. Women who travel independently need this helpful information. Check out this travel for women episode!

Who is Dr Mary Travelbest

This answers the question you've been asking for a long while. Dr Travelbest gives her real identity, so be sure to listen and hear about how this all began. Plus hear the FAQ, the destination is British Virgin Islands, specifically Anguilla. I share my mistakes and my tips with you here. Check out this travel for women episode!

Disneyland Part 2 : California Adventure, Anaheim, CA

This Part 2 shares the trip of adventure to California Adventure, just across the plaza from Disneyland.  Enjoy the trip, the FAQ, the mistakes and the tips for women who travel independently,. Check out this travel for women episode!

Dreaming of a Destination

What is a good destination for a traveler? First is your dreams and a virtual trip. I teach you how to take a virtual trip to a new destination, and how you can learn from afar. My place is Madagascar. What's yours? Check out this travel for women episode!

Disneyland Part 1

You'll hear about Disneyland, the traditional location in Anaheim, California. We talk about the experience as an independent traveler. You will learn the rides, the food and the best of. I also share the FAQ from you, and my mistakes, plus travel tips. Check out this travel for women episode!

Dreaming of Independent Destinations

Show Notes Special Edition Dreaming of an Independent Destination Episode Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Episode on Dreaming of a Destination. Dr Travelbest wants to help women see the world, one person at a time. It’s designed for the independent woman traveler. I’ve helped women travel near and far since 1993. In this episode: The FAQ is: Who would you bring with you if you HAD to take someone? The destination is dreaming of travel, and the mistake is forgetting my charger and the tip is visiting a cemetery. FAQ: If you HAD to take someone with you on your next trip, (all expenses paid at a comfortable level) who would it be? Today’s Episode is: Dreaming of an Independent Destination Is this dreamtime? OK let’s Dream. This is a free pass to make your trip in your mind. We are all dreaming of the day when we can start living fresh and feeling safe around our travel. But in the meantime, here’s how we can make that destination an adventure, even if it’s only in

Finding a Destination

Show Notes for: Dr Mary Travelbest’s   Special Episode is on Finding a Destination In this episode: FAQ is: How can I explore more when staying home? The destination is on How to select your next place to visit. The mistake is Did I travel too much before Corona.    The tip is using tech tools in travel. FAQ: How can I explore more when staying home? The answer is: That depends. “Puerto Backyardo” is where some of my colleagues are heading for next holidays. We need to keep our sense of humor. During this shutdown, we all have had some time to sort through our backyards, garage, attic, basement, or storage locker. You can find new exciting projects to entertain and amuse you. Think of it as exploring what’s right in front of you. This is a good time to clear the space for future imagination and delight. While we stay home, we can still ride that bicycle and explore new territory, even if it’s imaginary. Destinations: Deciding which places to visit These are othe

Special Edition Finding a Destination

Where are you heading after travel bans are lifted? You can select from many choices, and your bucket list. Here are some tips and guidance for your next trip, even if it's to the backyard. You'll also hear some FAQ, my mistakes and tips on staying charged up. Check out this travel for women episode!

Travel Independent Spectrum

The Travel Independent Spectrum (TIS) is introduced here in this episode. This has five levels of travel, and that will determine your readiness for travel as an independent woman. You should prepare to the level you need.  Also, you will hear FAQ, my mistake and travel tips. Check out this travel for women episode!