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Seward, Alaska

Have you traveled to Alaska? I've been twice, both time as an independent traveler. You can learn from my adventures, my lessons, and tips. Ask questions about travel. You are my ideal traveler, so keep on going. During this time, you can be planning your trip for when the world opens up once again. Tips on a protective SPF clothing and my mistakes are here, too. Check out this episode!


Listen to the stories from the Land Down Under, a beautiful place for anyone to visit, Australia. Share your bucket list with Dr. Travelbest. Check out this episode!

Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr Travelbest wants you to enjoy your travels, so plan before you go. This guide will help you make the most of your trips. I've been writing travel books since 1993, so come along to the destination of Lincoln, Nebraska today. We'll also answer your FAQ, about travel restrictions. The lesson learned is don't drop your phone/camera and crack your screen. The tip is on good note taking ideas. Check out this episode!