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Student travels to Brazil in March 2012

Dr. Travelbest specializes in independent travel. However, we know that this doesn't always work for every traveler. Here's an idea that may be what you need, so consider South America. Want to visit Brazil, but not by yourself? Consider going with a group from National University. March 12-21, 2012 are the dates. Our destination is one of the world’s most interesting countries, Brazil, one of a small number of nations whose economy continues to grow and the site of the upcoming 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. There are a limited number of seats available. The trip is open to undergraduates, graduates, alumni, faculty and business executives (subject to approval by the Tour Leader). For more information, please contact Juan EspaƱa, Ph.D., Professor Lead Faculty for International Business School of Business and Management National University Tel. 858-642-8448,

New Zealand travel

Whenever there is a world crisis event, all media attention is focused. But besides reporters, not everyone wants to visit. There is unrest in the Middle East right now, and media attention is front and center. It's not a place to visit for independent travelers now. It's a different situation for New Zealand. South Island's Christchurch, about the size of Lower Manhattan, New York, was hit by a deadly earthquake. Media attention is very high as the cleanup begins. But that should not keep travelers away. The rest of the country is very safe and secure. It's a island nation that relies on tourism in a big way. They love tourists. They love American tourist. So pack your bags and visit New Zealand soon, while it's fall. You'll likely get some screaming deals and have the time of your life.