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Holiday Travel Blues

Are you on the road this weekend? If it's a holiday, you'll think about it. How many people will be travelling with you this season? (Source: Three out of five flights are delayed leaving San Diego now. Three different airlines. It's one of the busiest travel days of the year. Sunday after Thanksgiving Holiday. Funny, we have every holiday named except for today. We could call it "Delayed Sunday". If you're travelling, you're like the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are going somewhere, or returning from somewhere. Then there are the rest of us who are happy to be stationary and just wait for the next best time to travel. Next week, for example, is an off-week for busy travellers, so a good time to get a discounted ticket on any airline and probably less highway traffic to experience. However, if you have school age children, then this may not be the ideal trip time, as

Seychelles or bust....

Barb Ayers talked me into this in 1989. I have no regrets. What a great location.