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Eating Out During Covid

This special edition is about eating out during covid, the do's and don'ts. Also the FAQ is about safety and how to protect yourself.The mistake is losing my parked car, and the tip is on a tiny retractable blade that costs about two bucks. You will use it for years wherever you travel.
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Mombasa, Kenya

Africa is a long trip for most of us, and independent travelers should consider their experience in travel before going here solo. Learn some good travel tips and advice from Dr Travelbest. Learn from my mistakes. Here are some ways to enjoy your travel, even from an armchair. 
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California Beaches Part 1

Special Episode on California Beaches (Part 1)Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Show NotesFAQ: How does one become a “best” travel spot or tip with Dr Travelbest?Answer:The best travel spots and tips come from you, the listener to this podcast. You are the inspiration and the joyful traveler, who share your ideas, your travel questions, your favorites and your tips with me and with your friends. So keep thinking of others and how you can help them become better travelers.I have a best book called, The 10 Best of Everything, An ultimate Guide for Travelers, by Nathaniel and Andrew Lande, published by National Geographic. One section is about the best cheeses in England. Another section is about New Zealand’s South Island. If you are a fan of this podcast, take peek at the show notes and add your comments about your “best” and become a travel hero for us.’s Episode special edition is on California Beaches…

Special Edition on Eating out during Covid

Dr Mary Travelbest's Special Episode on Eating out during Covid
The FAQ is: on potential trouble in the city streets and how to deal with that. The Special episode is about Eating out During Covid, the Mistake was losing my parked car in a parking garage and the tip is about a tiny blade that cuts it out.Jordy asks, “If I run into “trouble” like a strike, police in the streets, angry shouting mobs, what should I do?”Here’s my answer, Jordy, This really does happen. Friends of mine were in Istanbul Turkey during some riotsa while back. You may have been visiting a city that had unrest, angry mobs, and even riots. If you run into situations where you do feel that this is not your best destination, be sure to get out now. Move to a new location, even if you need to just quickly disperse for a few hours until things get quiet again. Let the people back home know you’re ok and that you will reach out to them again soon. Learn about what is safe from those in the know, for example, the l…

Photography for Independent Travel

This special episode focuses on Photography for the Independent Traveler. Why do you need a photo? When you travel solo, it helps you remember the event, moment and feeling. Save your best memories with a digital camera. We give you easy to follow advice. 
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