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Volcano changes travel plans

This is the first time that air travel has been halted for an extended time, affecting global destinations. How we deal with this situation may be the precedent for future situations of a similar nature. Speaking of nature, there's not a certainty about when the ash will disappear. For now, the situation is bleak. News reports show millions of stranded travelers. Can you just picture that? Millions of people with somewhere to go, and no ability to get there. We have a world crisis on our hands. The airlines are set to lose millions because of this, and Europe is not healthy financially at this time, either. If you are planning a trip in the next two weeks, your travel will certainly be affected. Plan ahead and anticipate the best, but prepare for the worst. Tips for Volcano-Related travel: Don't drive your car near the ash. You will ruin your engine. Stay indoors as much as possible. Find a mask to protect your mouth and eyes. Don't try to do heavy exercise at this time