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Special Episode: Reunion Travel

In this episode: The FAQ is: Why is starting a trip sometimes so hard? Special episode is Reunions for Independent Travelers. The mistake is: Forgetting something important in transit. The tip is: The Journey is a trip in itself. Check out this episode!

Postcards from the Road

  Postcard from Hawaii from Dr Travelbest Show Notes: Dr Mary Travelbest :   Postcards from the Road   In this episode: The FAQ What’s the one thing not to miss in Mexico City? The special edition is about Postcards from the road. The lesson learned is getting a lousy roommate and the Tip is: Build memories one day at a time.   FAQ: What is a don’t miss thing, just one thing to do in Mexico City? I would say, see the Ballet Folklorico held at the Bellas Artes Theatre downtown.   I went there for the first time in 1973 and for the second time in 2017 and this was a memorable experience. If you only have one outing, attend this! You will experience the culture/dance of Mexico. Each scene showcases a part of the culture, history and geography. For example, for Jalisco, one of the regions of Mexico, there was a cowboy love story, with dancing for all to enjoy. There is no intermission, so just enjoy the show and soak it in.   Today’s Episode special edition is on Postcards fr

Ayers Rock, Australia

I help guide women in independent travel, one at a time. In this episode: The FAQ is on how to use packing cubes. The destination is Ayers Rock, Australia. The lesson learned is Don’t give up too easily. The tip is We May Never Pass This way Again, by Seals & Crofts, back from the memory banks. Check out this episode!