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Free and almost free travel ideas

Want to save money but still travel well? Bargains are all around you like never before. You say "everything costs" but when you think about it, the best travel bargains are still free. Like going to the beach in many states of the US is still free. Like going for a bike ride. Free. How about a trip to your local, or not so local park. Free. It just takes your imagination, some time, and energy. Those cost nothing. And if not, well, there are some cruises I've seen advertised for under $300. That's cheaper than staying home. We may not find another time for travel like now. Dr. Travelbest says that staying on a budget is key, but much of your travel can be free.

Monterey Bay

Have you ever visited the Monterrey Bay Aquarium? If you have kids and like the ocean, it's a natural fit. They have hundreds of hands on exhibits for children of all ages. We took our four children a few years ago and it was easy for them to spend a full three days in the museum. Sounds like a lot of time, but it went fast. They all have developed a love for nature and sea as a result. We went back two years later and the younger kids got a second chance to see the ocean up close from a scientific view. From our hometown that has Sea World, this is still a great value and experience for the younger children. Monterrey has a great park in town to play in called, "Dennis the Menace Park." That's another great find in the city. Easy to navigate, easy to get around in their free trolley system and parking is not a problem, either. Dr. Travelbest ranks this city high for travel with children.