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USA National Parks

Have you been to a few national parks in the USA? What is your favorite?  I'd like to hear from you about that. I'd like to feature the best of them. I will share my experiences and also give tips and some of my many mistakes too. Check out this travel for women episode!


We share travel destinations, answer your questions, tell mistakes and give tips for women travelers worldwide. Give us a few minutes and we will change our world. Check out this travel for women episode!


Listen to the stories from the Land Down Under, a beautiful place for anyone to visit, Australia. Share your bucket list with Dr. Travelbest. Check out this travel for women episode!

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Mary Travelbest takes you to Atlanta, Georgia. Caption: Big Creek Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia In this episode: FAQ, Mosquitos, and how to avoid being their dinner. Destination: Atlanta Georgia; My mistake was trusting the balloon pilot, and tip is to buy your airline tickets when there’s a sale. FAQ- What to do about mosquitos? In the summer these pests are more than just a pain. What can we do to stay bite free? Here’s a list of things: stay indoors at sunset, when they are hungry. Use Deet and Neet and other topical sprays. B1 vitamins, long sleeves and pants, netting for your sleeping and maybe your hat has a net. Does the country you are visiting have Malaria? Be sure to get shots if you can ahead of time. Today’s Independent Destination-Atlanta, Georgia I’ve been going to Georgia since 1974. Underground Atlanta was one of my first memories, and it’s still there. Six city blocks of underground shopping and eating and entertainment near the Five

What's stopping you from travel?

What's stopping you from travel? Why are you staying home when you can go places on your own, like Yellowstone National Park, for example. You could be out there watching nature alive, and feeling connected to the world in a new way. Most people only visit for four hours, but I would stay for at least a week if you can. Have questions, ask a ranger or the doctor (that's me). We are conquering your fears and lack of experience with our podcast. Go ahead and give a listen to these specially focused independent travel tips, mistakes and adventures we've had along the way. Now you can keep going.  Please be sure to write a review and share with your women friends, too!Where can you find it? Here on the blog, and on every major podcast channel. If you don't find it, let us know. Dr Mary Travelbest