Asia-China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Top left: Hong Kong's Aberdeen Floating Junk and skyscrapers in background; top, Macau slot machine under lock; Middle, Shanghai, China 1988 street scene and bike riding in Shanghai; above, Taiwan's natural beauty; above, Tiannamen Square
China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan were all distinctively different to this traveler. China varied with Bejing, reminding me of Washington DC vs. Shanghai, resembling New York City or Berlin. Highlights included walking the Great Wall and meeting with neighbors in Shanghai who had to sneak me into their homes, lest they get reported. Taiwan was full of motorcycles and commerce, perhaps the most commercial area I've seen in all my travels. Everyone seemed to be entrepreneurial. Macau is clearly a Portuguese cultural standout. Architecture clearly European in this tiny nation. I watched Hong Kong from many angles, and saw many changes that have since taken place for this region. Worth visiting again and again. When will you make the trip to Asia? What countries will you visit when you go?


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