Oregon Coast

When you cross the border into Oregon from California, something happens. You get a feeling of relaxation and restfulness, especially if you're on vacation. You'll notice the price of gas is much lower, and they pump it for you. You'll really notice there's no sales tax. None. And you'll notice that the people who live there talk to each other as if they care.

Even the parks there are clean and well cared for in other ways. We stayed in Harris Beach State Park for nine days and recommend this to singles as well as families like ours. You'll love the hot showers, the laundry facilities, the playgrounds, and walk to the ocean for great wildlife and experience the power of nature.

One thing on your list should be fishing. We found the Sporthaven Marina in Brookings Harbor to be our "hangout" where we found a charter who would take us out and we caught our limit in two hours. We caught Vermillion (orange colored fish), sea bass, rockfish, ling cod, and snapper. The fish jumped on our hooks. Seriously. We cooked and ate our fill of fish, and froze the rest and brought it home to San Diego. Nightly, we had smores and ranger education. One especially good tour by Park "Interpretive Guide" Angela was on "What's edible and what's not" in our campground.

We also visited Brookings Harbor daily for the best ice cream in Oregon, Slugs and Stones and Ice Cream Cones. No kidding. And talk to Phyllis nextdoor at the Book Dock there about summer reading choices; she recommended the Potato Peel Pie Society book which was on the mark.

If you like fresh crab, you need to see John Terebesi at Dock 'O' as he catches the best. And if you can't cook it yourself, you can bring it to the Onion Grill in town and they'll cook it for you in their special Chinese ginger flavors. The best you'll find anywhere. And the prices can't be beat either.

One special "touristy" item is to ride the Rogue River on the Mail Boats. We made our reservations in advance and arrived early for the best seating (second or third rows best) on a 104 mile river cruise. The driver takes you for a ride, literally. He spins the boat around and you will get wet. Not drenched, just comfortably refreshed. Along the way you'll see a dozen types of wildlife, including bald eagles, osprey, deer, turtles, salmon, vultures, and sometimes bear. You'll also see kayakers and some even will squirt you with their water guns. They stop for lunch in Agness and it's an all day affair.

Other things not to miss, tidepool walks on the beach, redwoods in Jedidiah National Park, Trees of Mystery south of Crescent City, and going 100 miles north of Brookings you'll find the best fresh grilled seafood ever at Portside Restaurant in Coos Bay. Drive through Coos Bay, turn left, and take the five mile drive to the beautiful gardens, sea lions, and lighthouse. It's worth it.

Let Dr. Travelbest know if you're heading up there anytime soon.


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