The World's First Guide to Independent Travel for Active Senior Women

Learn about the newest guide from Dr. Mary Travelbest, for active senior women. We hope you enjoy this free sample of Book Chapters in the link. Below you see some original images and a description of the newest version, and pre-order. We are grateful for your comments, too.

You say you want to go, but don’t take the steps you need. Why not? Because you aren’t yet ready. This Independent Travel Guide, the original title, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied readers, will take you where you need to go, down the path to Independent Travel as an active senior.
What trips are on your Bucket List? We want to inspire and guide you toward finding your journey and making the most of it.
25 years ago, we identified the Independent Traveler and published the first-ever guide, and now we want to guide the Active Senior Traveler, who wants to travel, but maybe doesn’t have anyone to go with them. That should not stop you from going! Our website was created with the independent traveler in mind, and we’ve been blogging about you since 2007. We have thousands of social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogspot, YouTube, Google and other platforms, who love to travel like you. We’re listening to you and now that’s part of the conversation of travel.
Travel is a trillion dollar industry, with financial and sustainable impacts across all sectors. France and the USA lead the world in popular destinations, and thanks to technology, you can be connected while you go, wherever you like. We have a chapter on this, helping the active senior stay connected on the road.
Destinations, like Costa Rica, with lovely beaches, volcanoes, spider monkeys, alligators and zip lining are all awaiting the Active Senior traveler. Yes, you can do it alone, or with a friend. We will guide you in how to make this happen, and enjoy it so much, so you will be planning your next trip on the way home.
This mother and daughter team of authors will delight and inspire you to get up and go. We’ve crossed the globe solo and travelled together and can’t wait to share our stories and advice with our readers.
Dr. Mary and Tina Travelbest
The Golden Years are not always golden for many. This book can change the trajectory of seniors lives from being wishful to being active. I wrote the First Guide to Independent Travel to help launch my own business, in 1993, and then married, had four children and grew the business while still travelling. This perspective allows "Dr. Travelbest" as a trusted icon, to help you, instead of allowing a stranger to ​direct your trip. You take charge of your trip and your life by following your personal goals for travel.


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