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In this episode: Finding the Best of…Beitou Hot Springs, near Taipei Taiwan. My mistake was not asking about Wifi in advance. Tips are how to pack like a pro.

FAQ: Where can I find the best of something when I travel? I want to sample and see what is the very best, restaurants, locations, sights?

When you are not on a tour, you need to find out your own schedules, and that is up to you. So here are some ways to make this happen:

Ask the locals you meet. If you don’t meet any, then make a point to go places where they hang out. Get to know a few locals of a similar age and interest of yours. Maybe at a laundromat, coffee shop, train station, or even a playground or park.
Use your common sense. Don’t believe everything you read or you hear. Verify if you can. Be sure to read reviews, comments and ask questions on social media. Ask on our Facebook Group, Dr Mary Travelbest and have your group members give you advice. If you don’t ask for recommendations, you probably won’t find the best, but you will find you own adventure, and that you will never regret.

Today’s Independent Destination Taipei, Taiwan

The main tourist places in Taiwan are the following?

My last day in Taipei in 2019, I visited Beitou Hot Springs, about 30 minutes north of the downtown area of Taipei. The Shinbeitou subway train takes you to the region, and you pass Shilin Night Market and the National Palace Museum region.

Get out and walk around and get to know the area for yourself. It’s easy to find food, shopping and entertainment. I ate at MankeWu H. S. Noodles
The ares is known for Red skin chicken, fried toro balls or pork ribs were on the menu

Beitou Hot Spring Park is one of the best hot spring baths in Taiwan. You’re treated to a relaxing soak in sulfurous waters of varying temperatures, said to relieve muscle pains, digestive and skin problems, and other ailments.

It was once the largest hot springs spa in Asia. Here you see stone bridges and woodsy scenery. The different five pools at the public baths were temperature controlled. The ones at the top were hottest. Admission was inexpensive, about $40 Taiwan dollars and you pay with a machine, then show your ticket, but the lines for showers could be long. Bring your appropriate bathing suits. Once an hour, everyone gets out for cleaning the water. Several modern towers face Beitou Park, with modern cosmopolitan hot springs hotels, walking distance to the Beitou Public Library and Ketagalan Culture Center.

I walked up a very windy hill past all of these Hot Springs hotels, to the entrance of the Yangmingshan National Park. You will find nude sulfur baths here, too.  Men and women are separated.

What do you see in this park?  Rich volcanic terrain that supports grassy plains, blossoming cherry trees, and an array of butterflies and birdlife. A photo stop is made at a volcanic viewpoint where you may catch a glimpse of the conical-shaped Mt Qixing, Taipei’s tallest peak at 3,675 feet (1,120 meters) above sea level.

 Millennium Hot Springs

We also visited a town called Tamsui and tried to see the Guandu Nature Park, but it was closed on Monday, so pick another day..

Today’s Mistake

Get to understand WiFi in different cities.
Ask in advance how to connect to the Wi-Fi or to create your own VPN network.
I have been afraid to ask because I did not want people to think I was a poor planner and did not think to prepare. Ask your friends, or stop in a store that sells wireless products. They will explain to you the difference between how you connect to Wi-Fi here vs. where you’re going.
Ask…because it’s probably easier than you think. If you don’t have a plan, put your phone in “airplane mode” and leave it there for the whole trip. This saves the data.
Should you get a plan to have long distance calls and data? Probably a good idea, and some wireless carriers already accept that, so ask in advance.
Others charge you $10 a day when you use it. If you are on a week-long trip, you may want to make other arrangements.

Today’s Travel Advice: Packing tips:
Bring dryer sheets with you they smell good and are useful for many things.
Lay everything out, then shrink what you need and only bring what is necessary.
Cords. You can always shop for them at the airport.
Bring power banks and charge them up in advance before the trip.
Know how to recharge.
Universal Adaptor is worth it. Bring one or two.
Samsung does not equal apple. Know your port size.

Today I want to bring meaning to your travel


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