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In this episode: FAQ is about the struggle between travel and that most of the people in the world are restricted from travel. Destination: Kenya, my mistake is surfboards hurt and my travel tips are to stay away from dangerous situations.

FAQ: Do any of you, like I do, struggle a bit about traveling and seeing that most people in the world cannot do so?

Most people will never be able to travel like you and I. That’s because of the freedoms that we have in the US. These are things that we often take for granted, and so my goal is to point out this inequality and try to educate those of us who are able to make the sacrifice to travel, and to bring significant change and understanding to those who are not able to make this experience. It is largely due to economics and lifestyles that the modern travel ecosystem exists today.
However, this could change in the future. Should you struggle or accept this fact? That’s all up to you, I want to encourage you, if you are ready to make the next steps.

Today’s Independent Destination-Kenya

East Africa is still a place you can get away from it all, if that’s your goal. Fly into Nairobi, Kenya and then explore the former British colony for a big change of lifestyle. Your trip may be very different than mine, but here are some things you may encounter.

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, was my destination, and I arrived without even a hotel reservation and knew no one in the area. I was grateful to have met some new friends on my journey who helped me learn the dos and don’ts of the region. They gave me some help and a place to store my things when I was on safari. You can explore the Nairobi National Park, located only 10km from the downtown area, which I did the first day in Kenya. Later, I explored more remote regions on my own.

The Masai Mara game reserve has the best variety of wildlife, maybe in the world, packed in a relatively small area, and travel is best in the fall when game spotting is at its peak. You can take a sunrise balloon ride and end with a champagne breakfast in the reserve.

My travel to Masai Mara included an airplane built in the 1940’s, circling a cement area until the zebra cleared the runway, and not a tower in sight. I slept alone in a tent, with a wire fence around it and a person with a baseball bat who oversaw keeping monkeys away from my tent. That was their job, seriously.
One other thing was that elephants were known to brush up against the fence, I was told.
I was served tea in the tent, which even had a flush toilet. It was the fanciest tent I could have imagined. For two days, I rode in a jeep with two couples on safari and saw all the major 5 animals. The Big five animals I was able to see and photograph, including video in Kenya were: lions, elephants, buffalo, leopard and rhino.
I spent nearly a month exploring this country plus the Seychelles, which I will address on a later podcast.
It was one of the defining trips in my life, because I was so totally away from any comfort zone and did not speak to anyone from my home country during the trip. Being so isolated was a lesson in surviving.

You can gallop alongside zebras and wildebeest, and yes, you will see lions on these tours.
Consider also some volunteer programs African Impact, which are lion rehabilitation programs on game farms.

The train to Mombasa from Nairobi was one adventure that I want to encourage you to explore. It was a 15-hour overnight trip for me, but now it’s cut down to less than 5 hours. I wish you to have this experience, to see the rural and coastal low country as well as the plateaus of Nairobi.

Louis Leakey’s legacy is a good history lesson. You may also want to read up on Elephants, which you will find in Kenya.

Today’s Mistake- Surfboards can be dangerous to beginners like me.
Surfing boards hurt.
I thought that because I could swim, I could surf. That was not the case. Surfing takes balance, and I have a limited amount of this quality. I got hurt by the surfboard and found out that black and blue were the colors of that day. So, if you want to learn how to surf, get a lesson in balance and a very long board before you begin.

Today’s Travel Advice-Stay safe and protect yourself from danger

Protect your valuables while you enjoy your trip. There’s nothing like being relaxed and then finding out you have been robbed. So, don’t let your guard down and be the victim of theft. Wear a hidden money belt. Keep your passport in a very protected place. Don’t flash cash or credit cards. Don’t wear expensive jewelry. Thieves are looking for these vulnerable people. When walking in a dangerous or dark place, walk with others, keep your eyes open, but don’t draw attention to your fear. Know how to protect yourself with a self-defense training.

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