Finding a Destination

Show Notes for: Dr Mary Travelbest’s  Special Episode is on Finding a Destination

In this episode: FAQ is: How can I explore more when staying home? The destination is on How to select your next place to visit. The mistake is Did I travel too much before Corona.   The tip is using tech tools in travel.

FAQ: How can I explore more when staying home?

The answer is: That depends. “Puerto Backyardo” is where some of my colleagues are heading for next holidays. We need to keep our sense of humor.
During this shutdown, we all have had some time to sort through our backyards, garage, attic, basement, or storage locker. You can find new exciting projects to entertain and amuse you. Think of it as exploring what’s right in front of you. This is a good time to clear the space for future imagination and delight. While we stay home, we can still ride that bicycle and explore new territory, even if it’s imaginary.

Destinations: Deciding which places to visit

These are other things that I consider as I plan a trip
Bargain vs Spending.
Easy directions, expense, variety, goals,
Standing invitations

Do you have travel awards pending? Review deals on the main travel websites like Skyscanner, Google Flights, Expedia and Booking. Lastly, get your friends together and decide on a trip. That’s what we did for a trip to Lake Powell, on a houseboat. You can take memories like this for a lifetime.

Today’s Mistake- Did I travel too much?

Did I make any Covid-19 mistakes?

Today’s Travel Advice- Tech and travel
High technology has changed travel forever.
We’ll talk more on tech with travel advice in the future. AR, IoT, Virtual Reality, and 5G are topics we will tackle, so stick around for that.

Tech travel tips:

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