Photography for Independent Travelers


Special Episode on Photography for independent women travelers

In this episode: The FAQ is about the best souvenirs. The Special episode is about Photography for Independent Travelers. The mistake is the trips that I never took. The Travel Tip is to find some time to reflect.

FAQ: What are the best souvenirs for travelers?

Answer: A souvenir is a remembrance or memory, from the French. Souvenirs are keepsakes and things that are kept as a reminder of a place or event. You acquire these for the memories that they bring. You want to share that memory to another or to keep it for yourself.

The worst souvenirs are breakables, such as glass and fragile art, because they may not be practical to carry. Next worst are heavy things, such as books, bricks or electronics.

Favorite things that I like to share with others as gifts are scarves, bookmarks, and especially photographs, which I will discuss in this special episode in just a minute here. My husband likes it when I give him a rock from my trip. From South Dakota, I gave him a small rock from the Crazy Horse statue, and he liked that. What are some of your favorite souvenirs?

If it’s practical plus easy to carry and needed, that may be a good reason to collect it, otherwise, it’s junk.


Today’s Special Episode is: Photography for Independent Women Travelers


If you have a phone, a smartphone, that is, you’re a digital photographer. Everyone has the power to take the best photos ever. The big question you’ll have is what the best subject for my photos is when I’m on my own.

To become an advanced digital photographer requires special skills, including creativity, patience, concentration, attention to detail, and a few basic technical skills of photographers.

First consider the purpose of your digital photos. Are they for a special purpose or just for you to enjoy? Are they to demonstrate something you want to show to others? Do you just want to remember that moment in time for you?

Do you want to share the memory of a baby’s first meeting with their grandmother? That first view of the Pyramid.

Here are my tips for Independent Travelers on Photography.


Using your digital camera, make sure you have plenty of battery life, as photos and video take up your juice. Check your settings for memory, too. You can run out of space fast. Think mostly about lighting. The camera can only take images of what it can see, so if the lighting is low, you will not get high contrast.

Today’s phones take better photos than you could have imagined even five years ago. The best photographers know more about the camera, the lens, light and exposure and workflow for after the image is captured. Think about how you will organize and store your photos and if you wish, to use computer software to make your photos look their best. Something to keep in mind is that obsolescence comes quickly in the digital world.


During Covid 19, it would not be appropriate for you to ask a stranger to take your photo with your camera. So, you need to learn the art of the selfie, if you don’t already know. Check the shadows, the background, and if you need a flash or not.

The best smiles are the ones that are natural, not fixed. Don’t overedit your image.


Today’s Mistakes- The trips that I never took


Today’s Travel Advice- Spend time by yourself in reflection

This podcast is about independent travel, and mostly that is not with a guide. Maybe your travel is with a friend or with a spouse, or on a partially guided tour. Either way, be sure to spend some real quality time with just you. Carve it out of your “free” time and just take a few moments to spend with your thoughts, your mind and your heart. Find out what you really want to do and do it. Spending time by yourself in reflection will prepare you, relax you and give you energy to do things with others in the days ahead.

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