Special Edition on Eating out during Covid


Dr Mary Travelbest's Special Episode on Eating out during Covid

The FAQ is: on potential trouble in the city streets and how to deal with that. The Special episode is about Eating out During Covid, the Mistake was losing my parked car in a parking garage and the tip is about a tiny blade that cuts it out.

Jordy asks, “If I run into “trouble” like a strike, police in the streets, angry shouting mobs, what should I do?”

Here’s my answer, Jordy, This really does happen. Friends of mine were in Istanbul Turkey during some riots  a while back. You may have been visiting a city that had unrest, angry mobs, and even riots. If you run into situations where you do feel that this is not your best destination, be sure to get out now. Move to a new location, even if you need to just quickly disperse for a few hours until things get quiet again. Let the people back home know you’re ok and that you will reach out to them again soon.

Learn about what is safe from those in the know, for example, the local news media, block captain, or neighborhood app. Check your social media using hashtags of the city or region and see what you can learn. Call a local official or police department and ask questions about the situation. Our show notes give some examples of lawyers who weigh in on this question, too

Do these three things and you will be safer.


1.                  Get away.

2.                  Ask an expert for their advice.

3.                  Contact home to tell them you’re ok.





Special Topic: Eating out during Covid


What’s important to know when you are eating out during Covid?

Not all restaurants are open, and those that are have been regulated to reduce their capacity, move outdoors and many have cut their staff, some to just the owners without hiring outside workers.


You need to wear your mask when not sitting at your table eating and drinking. That means if you get up and go to the restroom or any other part of the restaurant, please wear it for the safety of the staff and servers.


The servers are required to wipe down the items on your table, so they are doing a lot of extra work during this time. Many restaurants have been struggling to make ends meet. Employees feel the same way. Be sure to recognize that in your tipping.


Restaurants deal with restrictions on the capacity, hours, and staffing. Be patient if your favorite items are no longer on the menu, so maybe this is your chance to experiment with a new menu item.


Instead of a printed formal folder menu, you may need to use your smartphone to use the virtual menu, with a QR code. Be prepared to do that and possibly to pay with your phone, through contactless payments as well. Fancy menus like you know from the Cheesecake Factory are not popular these days, are they?


In summary: Here are four tips for eating out:

  1. Wear your mask whenever not sitting at your table eating and drinking.
  2. Be kind to your servers
  3. Be flexible if your favorite dish is not on the menu.
  4. Use your smartphone for the menu and the payment if possible.

Today’s Travel Advice-Cut it OUT! No really.

Small things you may find handy on the road include this. You find these in many DIY stores, and it’s small and compact, and it’s called an OLFA TOUCH KNIFE. What do you use it for? It’s used for cutting cords, for opening boxes or envelopes, and hundreds of small projects and once you have one, you’ll want to travel with it all the time. Just ask my friend, San-d. She’s had one for years. She says that it’s always fine to travel with it on airplanes, too. The show notes has a link. What is the cost? About $2.23 each. Less than three bucks for a lifetime of easy snips with just one small stainless steel retractible blade.


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