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In this episode: The FAQ What’s the one thing not to miss in Mexico City? The special edition is about Postcards from the road. The lesson learned is getting a lousy roommate and the Tip is: Build memories one day at a time.


FAQ: What is a don’t miss thing, just one thing to do in Mexico City? I would say, see the Ballet Folklorico held at the Bellas Artes Theatre downtown.
 I went there for the first time in 1973 and for the second time in 2017 and this was a memorable experience. If you only have one outing, attend this! You will experience the culture/dance of Mexico. Each scene showcases a part of the culture, history and geography. For example, for Jalisco, one of the regions of Mexico, there was a cowboy love story, with dancing for all to enjoy. There is no intermission, so just enjoy the show and soak it in.


Today’s Episode special edition is on Postcards from the Road


The art of postcards is to send one that captures the essence of where you’ve been. That could be a destination or a method of travel, such as riding the train through China.

The science of postcards is to send ones that deliver meaningful history and culture, in a proof of environment. You can say “I went here” with a factual card showing the Statue of Liberty in New York, for example.


For me, I create labels and write the addresses on the labels and bring the list sheet with me on my trip. Then when I have a card and a stamp, I merely write a short message, add a stamp and my label to send back to my loved ones.

However, it can be easier and even better. My friend San-d uses Post Mates and so I have tried to do this for practice before my next trip.

San-d says ”I love getting postcards. I’ve been known to send up to 100 per trip. I also print labels for addresses ahead of time when I use physical postcards. The last few years I’ve use services and I can pre-populate my address list online before I leave on the trip. Recently I’ve been using a service called TouchNote. I buy a package of cards, either postcards or normal greeting cards, every so often and send people birthday cards or postcards from the road from my phone. They even allow you to customize the stamp with your open picture and add a map showing where you are when you sent the card. The fee is the same whether the recipient is international or domestic.”


Here are two that I tested: Postable and


Postable will make any kind of card you want. I did one while preparing this episode. It was easy. No friction.,

I sent one to my daughter who lives in Taiwan, just now.


These are low cost ways to stay in touch on the road, so if you prefer to just add a stamp and a label, you can mail from abroad. Even easier could be the digital postcard creation that sends a hard copy to their mailbox, with a customized photo from you.


Today’s Lessons Learned-Getting a lousy roommate



Today’s Travel Advice- Build memories one day at a time




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