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Show Notes Dallas, Texas Airports In this episode: FAQ is: How can I travel better? I think that travel has a lot of glamour, but I don’t find that to be accurate when I am on the road. What can I do to improve my journey? . Today’s Destination is Dallas Texas airports Today’s Mistake- Leaving a sweater on the plane Travel Advice: Read the book: Wild FAQ: How can I travel better? I think that travel has a lot of glamour, but I don’t find that to be accurate when I am on the road. What can I do to improve my journey? Answer: Dr Travel BEST, that’s me is more than better. Travel used to be very glamourous. People used to dress up for the airplane, and it was an exclusive privilege of sorts. Now, some airlines feel more like busses than planes. The idea of travel during covid has turned a lot of people away from travel. If you are listening to this, you may be considering a trip and navigating the new rules of trave is on your mind. Take steps 1-5 in your travel planning. Start out where you feel comfort. Then take the next level. Be patient with yourself and get the experience to feel and see improvements in you. Today’s destination: Dallas, Texas Airports On a most recent trip: Kind of a nightmare, but I made the most of it. In summary, I had a short stopover in Dallas on my way from Atlanta to San Diego and was stranded two nights, three days. Tens of thousands of us seat holders were left without a promise or a way to figure it out, so travel can present challenges anytime. Here are some things that I learned. You can get around in Dallas without a car, which was news to me, so take note. The public transportation was pretty solid and reliable. Plus it was high quality and low cost. From Fort Worth to DFW (Trinity Metro) it’s TEX Rail. From DFW to Dallas Love Field it’s DART. The city bus will take you from Love field to the DART station with a transfer, so you only pay once. These trains are nicely equipped, and the price is really low. Use your smartphone app to figure out the schedules and you will be so pleased you did it. Shownotes have links to these websites. https://ridetrinitymetro.org/texrail-schedule/ https://www.dart.org/ If you are an active traveler, you know that not every destination has to be found using a car. You can take UBER/LYFT to the train station and go the rest of the distance on the train. You can bring your bicycle on the train and ride to your other destination. For example, I took a short lyft ride from my hotel in Hurst to the North Richland Hills station, which was about 3 miles and the train to the DFW airport (another 15 miles) and made it with no traffic or tolls and a lot of smiles, very relaxed. It drops passengers in Terminal B, so you take the free Terminal Link bus to your terminal. Look for the Orange signs. If you are heading to DFW from Dallas downtown, The DART arrives and leaves from the A terminal, again the Orange signs help guide you. If you visit Dallas by air, make sure you know which airport you fly from. SWA only operates from Dallas Love Field. Some airlines fly out of both airports, so be aware. They are connected via DART and a bus that takes about 10 minutes. Why was I stranded in Dallas this time? The news reported that there were several hundred flights cancelled on Aug 1, and the weather storm did not help as it was unexpected. But two days later, the flights were still cancelled. More than 2000 flights were cancelled, by all airlines, but the worst culprit was Spirit Air, who ironically was celebrating ten years flying from Dallas. They did not send me a refund for my flight. One small travel error of mine was not cancelling my Uber ride to the airport I had booked the night before. It was going to cost me about $40. for the ride from my hotel. Uber charged me ten dollars because I didn’t show up, even though they never sent me a confirmation. And I had booked a different trip at the same time to a different destination, the train station. If I wasn’t focused on the airports and getting back home, I’m sure that I would have had some great travel adventures to report on Dallas. That will be in a future episode, perhaps. Today’s Mistake- Leaving a sweatshirt on the plane When you get up from your seat, do you always look for items you left behind? I don’t always do that. I left a sweatshirt on a plane, and about 30 minutes later, I returned to the gate, asked the agent to see if she could locate it, and about 30 minutes later, it was retrieved. I thanked Cindy, from Alaska Airlines, and then she let me take her photo and do a social media post about it. One good thing is that most service workers are really nice and like helping others. Today’s Travel Advice-Read: Wild If you haven’t read the book ‘Wild’, here is a brief summary from author Cheryl Strayed as she went from lost to found on the Pacific Coast Trail. When she heard a sound of unknown origin or felt something fearful in my imagination, she pushed it away. She simply did not let herself become afraid. Fear begets fear. Power begets power. She willed herself to feel power. And it wasn’t long before she actually wasn’t afraid (p. 51) Connect with Dr Travelbest Website Drmarytravelbest.com Mary Beth on Twitter Dr. Mary Travelbest Twitter Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Page Dr. Mary Travelbest Facebook Group Dr. Mary Travelbest Instagram


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