Cheap Airfares

If you fly a lot, you may think you've got the best airfares.
Did you ever want to compare prices with the other passengers on the flight?
Airfare wars are already gearing up for the busy fall travel specials. Seems that when school begins, the tourists don't travel as much. October is probably the best month, with the most available seats at the lowest fares. Today, I saw $29 fares on Jet Blue advertised on Kayak. Maybe just a "promotional" fare, but now is the time to shop.
The best days to buy your tickets are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. With gas prices relatively low, people are staying on the ground more.
American Airlines (one of my favorite airlines) just increased their baggage fees. Yes, it will cost you an extra hundred dollars to take two bags both ways! Consider that before booking, too.
May you have good shopping days ahead, and don't forget Priceline, either. Only you won't know your airline or your flight times until after you book. But the price may be worth it!


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