San Francisco

When you drive south into San Francisco on Highway 101, here's what you'll see. How can you not be impressed, when you see hundreds of locals walking, running and biking on the bridge?
They call it Golden, but these photos prove it's red.
San Francisco has been voted, "most romantic city" and "most popular travel destination" numerous times. Architecture and style, history and technology drive the many diverse social and cultural patterns that are seen in this thriving metropolis. Home to the 49ers, Giants, and hundreds of local wineries, SF entertains and celebrates everything green, and is environmentally conservative.
Do plan ahead if you want to get on Alcatraz Island. We were told reservations were running two weeks ahead of time last summer.
Like any big city, SF has their share of crime, traffic and inclement weather, plus crime. However, the parks are beautiful, shopping is tremendous, and people watching is unmatched.

Alcatraz Island


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