Monday, June 3, 2019

Dr. Mary Travelbest Independent Travel Fiji


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FAQ: How do I reduce my stress on my travel?

Stress can become distress very easily. Distress is what you want to avoid, right?
Firs, take a deep breath and practice your breathing. Once you have your own body in check, you can move on to the rest of the travel changes. Keep your eye on your phone and your wallet. That’s a big thing in a strange city.
Don’t be scared. There are other people just like you, in a new place and they are not scared, so you don’t need to be. And stop the worrying. That’s not going to get you anywhere.
Preparation cuts stress to a minimum. Lay out your clothes for the next day. Have a bedtime routine, even on your travel days. Keep a journal. Smile. Sing. Dance. Move. All these will help reduce stress, and limit the distress to nothing.

Today’s Independent Destination-Fiji

You will land in Nadi, and the capital is Suva.
Get out to one of the 333 islands as quickly as possible. You don’t need to make a reservation for most places, but you can if you feel more comfortable.
Two major islands have places for you, but there is a spot on a small island just waiting for you to relax on. I spent time on Treasure Island, and remember saying “Bula” so many times that week in Fiji. Bula means the same as Aloha does in Hawaii or “Hello”. So get used to it and enjoy the experience.
I learned how to windsurf, and you can snorkel, scuba and hike all over the country.

Today’s Mistake- The wrong hotel room. I came back from the pool and went to the wrong hotel room, and did not know my mistake. The key did not work. We had some problems with the key that day, so I assumed the same problem happened. But in reality, it was my error. I called the front desk to help with the key, then looked at the room number, and saw that I was one building away. So, I tried to call back, but was put on hold. So, I went to my building and to the phone there and called again. Before anyone answered, a person came off the elevator, and they were there to help me. I was so embarrassed, and guilty. I thought the key was wrong, but it was just me!

Today’s Travel Advice- Bring a lot of memory on your phone. You take photos. You create videos. You want to save these. Be sure to have a lot of memory on your phone before you go. You may need to clean it out ahead of time, so do that now. Save it on a thumb drive and you will have this when you return. But you don’t want to get an error message that says your memory is used up, right? Be prepared with twice the memory you need. What is a good amount? Go to a store that sells phones and they will tell you if you need more memory and how to clear your space.

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