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Special Episode on Travel Exercises at Home from Dr. Mary Travelbest

In this episode: The FAQ is What should I do in Tijuana, Mexico? The special episode is on Exercise at Home. Lesson learned is don’t get Seasick while shark fishing   Tip is kill insomnia with prayer

FAQ: What should I do in Tijuana, Mexico?

Answer: Once the pandemic is over, you should visit with your passport and Mexican auto insurance if you’re driving there. I’ve been to TJ about 50 times and each time I seem to get lost. It’s a big city and that’s easy to do with so many people and cars. The attractions include Jai alai games, dog or horse races, and a lot of eating and shopping. If you’re a shopper, you can visit Plaza Rio or Plaza Mexico. I enjoy looking at the items in food sections, dreaming of the flavors and smells of the food. The Omnitheatre, in the Tijuana Cultural Center has a film on a 180-degree screen, so the viewer is right in the middle of the scene, soaring across Mexico, the pyramids, beaches and cities of today.

Just south of the city by 20 minutes is the Rosarito Beach Hotel, and further is Puerto Nuevo, famous for lobster, served with refried beans, sauce and tortillas.

Today’s Episode special edition is on Travel Exercise at Home

What is my travel exercise regularly? Prior to Covid, I went to the gym or a workout studio two to three times a week and during summers, swam often, wherever I could find a pool or ocean. I bike, walk, run, or do basic exercises every day. To be a good traveler, especially independent, you need to stay fit.

During the lockdown, I have been spending more time sitting, working, and reading. I have been less inclined to get up every hour and walk around. Time seems to pass even if I’m not doing the things that I’ve done my entire life, so I need to fix this pattern. I’m a Doctor of Business, not medicine, but I do know that if you have a strategy and a plan, you will be more successful than not.

Here are three Medical-related reasons to do your travel exercises at home

  1. Exercise is a way of life. It is about moving one’s body in ways that help it to maintain and to sustain, even at home. I had osteopenia and then osteoporosis, which are very common for women. I have improved my level of core strength exercise and no longer take the medicine. However, I’ll be going back for another bone density scan soon, so I’ll be tracking this important bone measurement. Make your preventative health part of your routine. And your way of life will be extended so you can travel more.
  1. Mental health begins with attitude

There’s a lot we can learn from someone’s attitude. If they are open to learn and willing to be wrong, the mental health checkup starts on a good note. Your home will always be available, so you don’t have an excuse not to do that.

  1. Heart and BP should be stable and check with your medical professional. Before you engage in any new exercise program, you should consult with someone you trust who knows your health conditions. Today’s telemedicine allows us to do this from anywhere, including home.

My minimal travel exercise program includes squats, lunges, stretches, crunches and pushups. To give it an extra push, I would include planks, weights, and core strength exercises.

Today’s Lessons Learned-Seasick while fishing sharks

Sharks bite late at night, I’m told. I went on a fishing trip at 6pm in the Pacific Ocean. I got nauseous and should have taken a seasick pill before I went on the boat. Once you’re on it’s too late. Maybe my sickness helped attract some sharks. I did end up catching a 4-foot blue shark, and by the time I got off the boat, I was feeling much better. Don’t get seasick like me. Take your meds a half hour before you board the vessel.

Today’s Travel Advice- Kill insomnia with prayer.

If you are thinking about sleeping, but you’re not doing that yet, try to say your prayers. Once you start and keep praying and concentrate on that, you’ll often drift off to sleep and stay there.

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