Dr. Mary Travelbest Alaska with a lot on Taipei

Dr. Mary Travelbest  Alaska with a lot on Taipei

Question from a listener: I want to travel solo for several weeks, but my current job only gives me two weeks paid vacation per year. I’m comfortable with working on the go and can use the tools without being in the office. What should I do?

The answer from Dr. Travelbest includes a step by step approach to travel in short trips then leading to longer ones. It also could involve some work from the road, if the boss is flexible. Digital nomads are popping up all over. They work while on the road traveling.

Today’s Independent Destination- Alaska

Seeing Homer, Alaska on July 4 at 11:30pm when the sky was still bright

Rental Car in 2019. Minivan

Today’s Mistake- Getting soaked and frozen while fishing in Alaska Salmon Fishing.
Licenses for fishing

Today’s Travel Advice- from Yumi Cho, S.D. Symphony violinist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She went to the Everest Base camp, booked on trust.

Advice: Try not to look like a tourist. Don’t be a target for a pickpocket. Zip up and look confident.
Meaningful travel is where we are going.

Let’s talk about Taipei, Taiwan and what’s to do there
Ice Monster restaurant (pictured above)
Naked sulfur baths, Yangmin National Park
New Taipei City
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