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Dr. Mary Travelbest Chile

Dr. Mary Travelbest Chile

Key Takeaways:
Take care when going out at night. Learn the maps as best you can before you arrive. Keep your passport safe and always have extra copies elsewhere.
Chile is a wonderful destination, even if you don’t speak Spanish. You may be the first American that the locals have met. You can ski there in July! The mountains are wonderful, but can be very scary in a vehicle in a snowstorm.
Mistake: Missing the boat, plane or other.. Learn from your errors and don’t be like me.
Advice: Have fun, no matter the circumstances.

FAQ- My friend Patti asks…..What are things that you should think about if you are a woman traveling by yourself-opportunities and/or dangers?
Strangers are just people you have not yet met, most of the time.
Appear to be confident, even if you are not.
Be yourself
Learn a new language, skill or sport
Learn technology, esp. how to read a map

New shoes
Altitude sickness
Don’t leave valuables in your car if you are in a hotel.
Drinking at night and then going home alone in a foreign city is not a good plan.
Swimming alone
Emergencies at home
Keep your passport safe and copies elsewhere
The unexpected

Independent Destination-Chile

South America is opposite for seasons.
Great travel all year long
On your way to Antartica
It’s a very long and narrow country that has all four seasons. The people are simple and generous, like those from small towns in the US. They don’t speak much Englsh, but you can communicate with some basics. Try to learn, especially to count.
They meet few people outside of South America. You may be the first from North America they meet. Valparaiso, near Santiago, bus trip.
Invited me to his mother’s home for lunch. I was the first North American in their home, ever.
Skiing is powdery like Utah and resorts are plenty.The Andes. Ski above the tree line. No visual points of reference. White out skiing.
We took a taxi, somewhat expensive, but worth the experience.
The bus is a privat industry.
Los Farrallones and El Colorado, two resorts, that were combined. Also we went to Valle Nevado. Coming down the mountain was one of the scariest moments of my life. 33 hairpin turns. Single lane. No guardrails. Driver had never driven in snow before. Glad to be at sea level that evening.

Today’s Mistake- Missing the boat.
Missing the plane…missing your trip starting point

Missing the boat: Tahiti
Missing the Plane: Chicago
Missing the trip due to error on ticket: in Tahiti. Stayed two more days.

Today’s Travel Advice-How to have fun even when things don’t always go your way. The weather, for example, may not be what you expected. You may have a disaster or you may be sick. What can you then do to make the most of it?
Do what you can with what you have. All you have is a deck of cards? Then use them and make the most of it.

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