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Dr Mary Travelbest Boston

Dr Mary Travelbest Boston 

Key Takeaways:
FAQ: Advice on how to express your opinions in a foreign country, where you are a visitor and a guest.
Boston is a walking city, with real weather, and has the best fall colors around. You will be charmed by the wonderful people, especially the highly educated environment.
My mistake: Speaking badly to the TSA when I was in the airport security line as a high schooler.
Do your homework on the internet before you leave for your trip. Dr. Travelbest provides a list of places to review and consider how to make your travel arrangements that works best for you, as an independent traveler.

·         FAQ: What is your advice in terms of talking about your political views while traveling in other countries?  Should I be outspoken or shy away from expressing my politics?
·         My advice is to keep it quiet. You are a guest. Act like one. Be respectful. You can disagree with the policies, but it’s not your place to bring your culture there, but to experience their culture. I may not always get this right myself, but this is what I think is best practice.
·         If one is asked about the US politics, you can answer, but stick to the facts.
·         In China, I was asked about my opinions of President, then, Reagan. The people there had a limited amount of news.

Today’s Independent Destination- Boston
What about Boston is so special? It’s a great walking city.
The people are so real. Yes, they have an accent, but they are full of life.
Best time is the fall, fall colors
Summer in Cape Cod
Cold in the Winter
Spring is back to being green. Still snows sometime.

My daughter went to college there, and 1 out of every 5 people there is in college, so it’s all about education.

Red Sox
Historical perspectives

The Boston Marathon that I did not attend. That was tragic, and a sad memory for the great people of the city.

Today’s Mistake- Speaking badly to the TSA when in high school. I’m embarrassed about this, and I was warned and never did it again. I made some bad judgements when in the security line in the Denver Airport in Colorado. I was by myself. No one got hurt, but I was immature. Be careful what you do when going through any security situation. Don’t do what I did!
A few years later…in my late 40’s, I remember having to remove my belt, which was cotton, and I had a baby and three toddlers with me. Still, I did it. I had no one to help me, but that was the rule, so I followed it.

Today’s Travel Advice-Research your trip on the internet
Find out what you like about the trip. Plan for day one. Look at the map, make a list of your favorite places to see, learn, eat. Imagine YOU in that destination.
What sites should you look at? Trip Advisor, AirBNB, Expedia, search the city information office or tourist office. Think of people you know and contact someone from the city you want to visit if you can.
I’ve been doing research on how mobile phones are used and there are really only two companies, Expedia and Booking, which was Priceline. So you don’t really have much choice there. Southwest Air is not included in these sites, so look there first. Shop around and find what’s best for 

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