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Dr. Mary Travelbest China

Dr. Mary Travelbest China 

Shanghai, 1989

Shanghai, 2016
Key Takeaways:
Inspiring women who are Independent travelers: Look for some in your circle of friends and get to know them. I talk about a friend who just left for a one year adventure, Cindy.

FAQ- Can you name some independent travelers who inspire you, Dr. Travelbest?

Yes, I would like to call out several people, and today, I want to call out my friend, Cindy, who is setting out on a long trip. She will be gone for a year, at least. This is in recognition of the many years of friendship and great times. Cindy retired a couple of years ago, and has a travelbug. She needs to make this happen, while she is still able to and willing to go places. So she is planning a trip that includes many countries, many cities and many outstanding adventures. She knows that she can go to the EU for 180 days out of a year, so she is going there, and strategically leaving the northern countries during the cooler months. She loves the hot weather, so she is planning accordingly. I don’t know when I’ll see her next, but she will be on my mind and she inspires me to travel more and BEST.

Destination: If you have not yet been to China, consider it for your next big adventure. I’ve been twice, and glad to share the stories here.
Mistake: Do you know when to stop? That was my mistake. I took the “last run” of the day and ended up in the ski patrol sled all the way down the mountain and hurt for a long time later. That was the end of my ACL.
Advice: Take the subway, when you are looking to maximize your travel itinerary. It’s the fastest, cheapest and sometimes most revealing ways to learn about the people in a city.

EU Travel Requirements

Schengen Rule

Visa not required, YET

Independent Destination-China
Talk about 30 years ago, my mom’s inspiration, teaching in Guangzhou, my daughter in Shanghai, Beijing before Tienaman square, getting a tour behind the scenes at the Hall of the People. The Great Wall, The Pandas in Beijing, Hong Kong.

More travel sites in China below you can browse.

Today’s Mistake- Last run of the day! Never take the last run. Always say you have one more run, so you will not try to use every ounce of energy. We always hurt ourselves on the last run, so don’t have one. I was at Copper Mountain, and my friends were all better skiers, so I took the easier way down, and was in a hurry to catch up. I took a really bad fall, and ended up snapping my knee. It was very painful and I was unable to ski all the way down, so the ski patrol had to take me down the hill. No longer do I have an ACL, or if I do, it’s like spaghetti. So…don’t take the last run.

Today’s Travel Advice-Take the subway. If at all possible, take the subway. If you are in a large city, you will get there faster and you will see the people who live there better. Travel light, so you will be able to move around, and try not to be during the rush hours. I’ve been on subways in NYC, London, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, San Francisco, and so many others I can’t remember them all.

Subway maps for many cities here:  NYC, London, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris,
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