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In this episode: The FAQ is on how to improve my map-reading skills and the destination is Berlin, Germany. The mistake is not slowing down at a stop sign and the advice includes the reasons why we travel.


How should I read a map?  


What’s a map? It’s geography in two dimensions. Look at a map and seek distance, direction and natural plus man-made features, such as roads. Also, search for topographical, that is, the arrangement of the natural and physical features items that may stand out to you. Reading a map is integral for travelers to embrace, so take some steps to enjoy while you learn. I’m not naturally a good map reader or good on directions, so I’ve had to learn some tips. Here are a few you can practice, too.


·         Break your route into legs.

·         Measure your distances accurately.

·         Learn to read contour lines and identify key features.

·         First, look at a map for a few minutes before you set on your journey.

·         Orient to some landmarks.

·         Form a mental map.

·         Look at a map a lot in the beginning, but don't rely on it completely.

·         Keep your orientation as best you can.


Don’t expect to be an expert overnight, but you will improve with practice, like with anything.


Destination: Berlin, Germany


The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s most well-known attraction. It was built in 1791, and back then, was just one of many old city gates in a medium size city. The Pariser Platz was laid at the food of the gate, and now is home to many buildings, like the Hotel Adlon, and the Academy of the Arts. The Reichstag is the Federal Government building with a glass dome and birds eye view of the city in the Government District.

East Berlin is built up fast once the wall came down.  Mr. Gorbechev, “ Tear down that wall,” President Reagan.

 Today’s Mistake-NOT Stopping for a STOP sign.

I did not stop, but I was slow. I was ticketed, and officially, still in the middle of the intersection. That’s how slow I was going. I was looking for a parking spot, exactly where the motorcycle cop was parked on my left, behind a parked car. And there were no other drivers in the road that afternoon, so I got the ticket in Del Mar, California. It was not cheap, more than $300, but I paid it and then went to driver’s education training so that I can get the infraction removed from my record. If you get a ticket, I would recommend this as well.

Today’s Travel Advice- Reasons why we travel

Here are a few reasons why people like me travel. Travel fights depression increases creativity and improves relationships. It can also allow you to seek greater happiness and more pleasant social stimulation, improve your outlook on life, help others by offering companionship, and build our own confidence and inner peace.

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