Special Episode: Traveling with Masks


Special Episode on Traveling with Masks


Welcome to Dr. Mary Travelbest’s Special Episode on Traveling with Facial Coverings and Masks

Dr Travelbest helps women travel, one at a time. During the time of Covid, travel is different, and you need to stay aware. For those of us who want to travel, this presents special attention, even if you’re only traveling to the grocery store.

The FAQ is: Why do I need to wear a mask? The Special Episode is on Travel with a Mask and the mistake is wearing my mask upside down. The tip is to wash your mask daily and replace often.

FAQ: Why do I need to wear a mask?

Answer: Because it traps most of the air particles.

Scientific evidence shows that use of masks and face coverings reduces disease transmission. When someone speaks, sings, coughs or sneezes, they release infectious particles into the air. These coverings are not a substitute for physical distancing washing hands and staying home when ill.

Traveling with Masks

The CDC has shifted its guidance from spring to today. Now they do wish all wear them. See the show notes for how they did this. When it was proven that wearing a face mask or covering did indeed slow the spread of the corona virus, we all have changed our behavior and now this is part of our wardrobe whenever we leave our home.


At first, I was using a bandana, doubled over, and then I graduated to the white painter’s mask. From there, I ordered, special ordered two Dr Mary Travelbest masks. One is a neck gator and the other is a traditional cotton blend that has two straps, one for each ear.

If you want to order your own special edition face mask, you will find many choices and varieties online, including at Amazon, starting at around $11.


Clearly there are many choices. The most effective ones are the M95 surgical masks, and least effective are the cloth bandanas, but at least that is something that protects you.



While on my Pandemic Travel Finish 50 states tour, I also got a face shield from my sister, so that was a bonus. On the planes, I wear the shield over the other mask, just for extra protection.




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